Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Lollipop Baby...

Bubble was lucky enough to be asked to road test a Lollipop Baby design. They have some cheeky, cute and quirky designs which would suit any child's personality.

We decided on a onesie sized 12-18mths. Bubble is 2 weeks shy of 18mths but as you know she is super petite. Not an ounce of chub on her. Bear and Moo were super chubby babies and Bubble actually still fits in their 00 clothes. So the Lollipop onesie was a little big for her but so are most 12-18mths clothes.

We solved the size problem by putting a cloth nappy on her!! It fits much better around her saggy baggy bum.

The digitally printed design looks like it has always been on the garment. Bubble's super soft onesie is made from 100% cotton giving it a sturdy t-shirt feel.

One of my older kids gave Bubble a watermelon half way through the photo shoot and I am happy to say that after I soaked, washed and hung it out to dry it retained it's shape as well as bright print quality.

If you are into personalising things for your baby then check out their personalised art prints which you can order to match your baby's onesie or t-shirt.

Don't forget to check out their Facebook Page.

Of course Bear wasn't happy with me taking all the photo's of Bubble and snuck into one of the shots... But you couldn't be angry at this little boys face. He wont be little for much longer.
*wipes a solitary tear from her eye*
Bear and Bubble just love to muck around and cause some trouble together now. In between their brotherly and sisterly antics you'll find them snuggling, asking for kisses from one another, making it better when the other is sad and being very gentle and caring...

I just happened to turn the camera and click just at the right moment.


  1. Heck! How did you manage to do the 'twin' thing, without actually - you know - doing the 'twin' thing? Peas. Pod. Etcetera. And mighty sweet!

  2. Oh wow what beautiful photo :)

    And such a cute suit!

  3. What a gorgeous photo!!! I miss them so much!

  4. Oooh I am humbled!! xx
    Linda - Lollipop Baby

  5. Lovely outfit and what cute bubbas you make Steph =-D

  6. GORGEOUS photo!! Siblings ARE sweet...why else would be soooooo crazy to have MORE than ONE!! :D