Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Creative Space...

Only 1 day left till the main event and I am seeing green!!

Yep my creative space is still partying hard. Now that Moo's disco is over I can move onward and upward.

This is Bear's first official Birthday Party which is why we are going to a mammoth effort.

I have just been working on some things for the younger kids to play with during the party.
They will also have a piƱata of course.

Some fabric stencils to colour in using fabric markers. I am planning something special with the fabric once the kids have finished doodling on them. I hope they stay in between the lines though... hehe.

100% recycled Ben 10 bunting.

Yep!! I am making a Ben 10 dress for myself using a heap of green and black scraps. I didn't plan on doing this it just kind of appeared on my wire mannequin. It doesn't look like much now but there is still a belt to come.

I am also hoping to make Moo, Bubble and Carlos something Ben 10 too.

I stupidly suggested I make an omnitrix cake for Bear.
I figured it can't be that hard right?
I asked Brenda for some advice but honestly I don't have a clue about baking or icing or... what's that stuff called again?

I borrowed this photo from here as inspiration.
Am I allowed to do that?
There was also this one too.

If I can get just the circular part of the cake to resemble an omnitrix I'd be cheering.
Is there anyone out there in blog land willing to lend some free advice to a crafter not a baker?

Heat scares me.
Cooking isn't my thing.
I tend to burn boiling water (don't laugh it's true).

The thought of Bear's face when I show him just how much we love him with a kick arse Ben 10 cake would be priceless and I share my new found knowledge with you all.

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  1. Oh wow, that is one impressive cake! How do you make grey icing I wonder? And the little monster person! You can do it!! Yeah!

  2. Good luck with the cake.

    I purchased black icing colour from a professional cake supplier to make a spiderman cake once. It was ace.

  3. Good luck with the cake. You've just reminded me that I need to start organising a 4th birthday party for my daughter...princess mermaid!

  4. What a lucky kiddo. You are going all out, it will be so much fun....I hope you can get that cake accomplished. I would be very afraid too.

  5. Wow, what an amazing effort you're making. It's sure to be one fantastic party!

  6. WOW, you throw the best parties, I bet everyone has an absolute blast :)

  7. What do you mean, the dress doesn't look like much? I reckon it's looking awesome! You'd better model it for us after the do...

  8. Everything looks great. I love you new dress!! If you make a cake as cool looking as that one then you have to share you wisdom!! Good luck! xo m.

  9. Love the dress ... and good luck with the cake. Sadly I share your lack of cooking skill.

  10. This post shall be hidden so that Caleb can never find it as I will never hear the end of it! Great work

  11. Are you serious? You are going all out! I'm amazed by it all.

  12. Good luck with the cake, your inspiration looks seriously hard yet amazing, and everything you've done so far is looking beyond spiffy!

  13. Good luck!!! I made Larry's cake today and well....let's just say Larry has a lot of cellulite! Hhahahahaahahahah!!!!!! You came to the wrong person for advice LOL! Whatever you end up making, I'm sure it will be awesome because why? YOU MADE IT and put your LOVE and HEART and SOUL into it! I'll be cheering no matter what!!! Love you!
    P.S. The dress looks mad!!!! And the colouring in fabric has intrigued me...can't wait to see what you do with it.
    Hope runs smoothly tomorrow. Sending our love hugs and kisses for the big man xoxoxo