Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Creative Space...

More party preparations in our creative space this week for both Moo and Bear.

I foolish assume that the crafting experience will run smoothly and painlessly. I will remain calm and not raise my voice. My children will listen and follow my clear instructions.

All 3 kids got involved to make their pinata's.

Mixing the glue using 1 part water and 2 parts flour.

Anything with flour must be eatable according to Bear who not only continued to lick all the utensils but proceeded to eat the glue soaked newspaper. Of course Bubble thought this was a brilliant idea and followed his lead.

Bear managed to stop eating the strips of newspaper long enough to cover some of the balloon. Then the need to eat them took over his body and he ripped them all off again.

Bubble just wanted to play with balloon and didn't understand what we were doing and was throwing tantrums left right and centre.

Then everything got a little crazy.
Bubble found a paint brush which she used to paint glue on everyones faces.
Bear put so much newspaper in his mouth that he was gagging.
Moo was getting frustrated with Bubble and Bear ruining her mache.
Glue was falling from the sky in all directions.
Bubble was crying out "ouchie" as the glue dried on her skin.
Dory, the cat decided to taste test the glue which was dripping off Bear.

...And Mummy raised her voice!

The after marth.
I hosed down the patio area while everything was still moist. If I had left it it would have dried hard. I really don't like scrubbing things clean so best to do it there and then I say.
Note to self must make paper mache on the grass.

We did end up with two very complete ballon mache's which we hung up to dry with the rest of our washing...

For more creative craziness check out Kootoyoo.

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  1. Despite the mess the party prep looks like it was terrific fun.

  2. Looks like a big mess, but lots of fun ... and a full belly for some!

  3. Hilarious! I love your space, it made me giggle. I hope the party is fun. X

  4. Craft time at my house goes along much the same lines! I always envisage a lovely bonding time and, well let' just say it's no kodak moment.
    however, these are great and I doubt they are that tasty but you make them look easy!

  5. Every single party, we make the pinata. And every single time it ends in tears (everyone's)!

  6. Wow, I am astounded it took you until that point to raise your voice. You are one very brave (or perhaps crazy) lady to embark on that adventure with three little ones!

  7. Wow I love pinatas! I hope you have fun with them. Thanks for your comment on my blog xx

  8. I sure does look like fun and chaos at the same time ... ahhh, kids!

  9. I really trully laughed out loud while reading this post.... then laughed again when I read it to Ben. The funniest bit for me was when you said, "Then everything got a little crazy."... I found the "THEN" particularly amusing Steph!!!

    You guys are awesome. What a big bloody mess but the kids will remember the doing, not the loud voice from their mumma.

  10. craft and lunch in one ... i have shivers down my back at the thought. but the kids must be so excited, especially when they get to paint them ... i did this with a brownie pack years ago and they had a ball!

  11. Steph you brighten up my day with your craftiness for your munchkins so a sunshine award is yours. Thanks for being an inspiration xoxoxo

  12. What a riot! You're great, and so is your gang. Love it.

  13. Hehe Steph you had me laughing. Im glad you ended up with 2 balloons covered. LOL how funny is bear... and bubble oh and moo you are all beautiful xo

  14. Cool can't wait to see how the pinata's turn out for the party!! Can you believe I made one once....(outside of school). A baby chick pinata for my neices first took Larry and myself both to do it so good on you for getting it done with 3 kids!!!! LOL!!! But it's you Steph....I never doubt your crafting abilites ; )