Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Creative Space...

There is a lot of excitement in the MooBear house hold. We have not one but 2 birthday parties to organise. Moo and Bear were born 5 years and 6 days apart.

This year Bear is getting a big party for the first time. He is missing his old home, friends, routine, daily adventures in Summer Hill so much. We thought he was doing a great job and settling in but he was unwell this week and fell to pieces. We will be visiting Summer Hill tomorrow so he can run amok around the community which calls him their own little Bear.

So what's happening in Our Creative Space you ask...
Personalised Birthday invitations that's what!!
Bear has decided on a Ben 10 themed party.
I made him his very own Ben 10 t-shirt a few weeks ago using scrap material. Carlos was in charge of bringing the concept to life and I think he did an awesome job... don't you!?! Better than the ones I was going to download and print from the net...hehe.

Remember when I made Bear his omnitrix? Well the time has come. He's turning 4 and we said we would buy him his own Ben 10 watch.

Moo has decided on a Disco themed party.
We have the space for crazy dancers outside and of course when your Daddy's a Dj you should take full advantage of any party opportunity.

The picture Carlos used was taken after last years school disco just down at Summer Hill Village. There was Friday night entertainment and Moo wanted to keep on partying... And so did I. We let the kids dance till they could dance no more.

I wonder if Moo and Bear will look back when they are parents and tell their kids how awesome we were at making their birthday invitations? Credit goes to Carlos though I merely took on the supervisory role.

Lastly, I have been working on different ways to make my Zipper Purse. I have discovered the best way to tackle a zipper phobia is to sew them all together. They aren't that scary and they look like giant pieces of candy with the colour combos.
This purse is now in the hands of Gina.

For more creative spaces you should know where to go by now... kootoyoo!!


  1. Ok they're just the coolest invitations ever!

  2. I'm most impressed with your solution to zipper phobia.

  3. They are fabulous invitations! Brave you for doing two parties in one month too... I won't even let my girls have parties in the same year ;) Love the zipper pencil case too. K

  4. It is great that you guys are able to get back to your old stomping ground for the birthday celebrations. Of course the invitations are way cool just as I am sure the parties will be, with the kids sending you guys to bed so they can party on into the night!

  5. Wow, such great invitations, but I have to say that zipper purse is something! I still have a zipper phobia, even though I know how to sew them. I get a little panicky every time!

  6. Awesome invites guys! I also love the little circles on the end of your zippers. Very clever.
    Ally <'v'>

  7. very creative zipping. love the colours. those invites are very cool. hope the parties go well. happy birthdays guys

  8. You guys a great at party invitations! How lucky are you to have your own 'built in' DJ!!!! HOpe Y'all Party hard!

  9. So creative - WOW - impressive - good luck with everything you do ;)