Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moo's Disco Party Rocked!!

All the preparations were finally put to use. It was successful and extremely fun for all 20 girls and one Bear!!

Strike a pose!! Moo... You have way too much attitude girl!!

I actually handmade all the gifts that were part of the parcel game, including some headbands which were surprisingly popular. There were also zipper purses, yo yo rings, badges and little softies to choose from.

From this...

...To this!!

Not bad hey?! All the decorations are handmade. We used our curtains from our studio to create a wall and the buntings from our markets came in handy too. Moo-ii wanted all the classic disco trax from Donna Summer to KC & the Sunshine band. Carlos was the party's Dj and the tunes kept flowing so the ladies could keep on dancing!!

Disco ball... Pinata.

100% handmade by all 3 children.

The best way to whack a pinata is with a light saber!!

This is the hole which was created after 20 girls hit the pinata 15 times each... That's one sturdy pinata if you ask me!!

So the blind folds came off. That didn't work. So Carlos got in there and the girls dog piled to collect the goodies!!

They tasted so yummy!
Not my best work but they all enjoyed their cake!!

Happy Birthday Moo-ii!! We Love You!!


  1. happy birthday to your gorgeous girl!!
    looks like an amazing party.

  2. HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY MOO!! Of COURSE your party ROCKED!! I hope you have a FABULOUS year and are enjoying your new home and friends!!! I love hearing about your adventures and seeing all of the wonderfully creative things you make!! Keep ROCKIN'!!

  3. Happy Birthday Moo it looks like you had a wonderful party. Your mum and dad are so clever with all their decorations and preparations for your special day.

  4. Looks perfectly wonderful Steph. It would have been great for you and Carlos to watch your girl have such fun with her friends. And also a bit teary to realise she is another whole year older. xxx

    PS. Impressive use of the light saber!

  5. wow I would have been dancing to all that music too and I am nearly 40!