Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Junk Lovin...

Yes, I know my junk lovin' choice this week is a plate but bear with me there is an exciting story to this one of a kind* plate.

Once upon a time there was a gentleman, Carlos who married a young lady, Stephanie. Carlos had the best job in the world according to Stephanie. She could think of nothing more exciting than working in a treasure shop surrounded by unknown memories and items people no longer needed. The endless possibilities and childhood memories waiting to be rediscovered. She could make her self giddy just thinking about it.

On one occasion, and there were many, Carlos brought something home for Stephanie from the treasure shop. Something was a little different this day and he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He knocked on the door and waited for her to invite him into their home. Stephanie opened the door and wrapped her arms around Carlos. She always missed him when he was at work.
"I have a little something for you." Carlos said handing her a box.
Jumping up and down Stephanie screamed with excitement. She tore the box open and was careful to unwrap the hidden gift.

Her eyes lit up as a feeling inside her was woken from it's slumber.
"How did you know?" She asked still amazed at the breakable item in her hands.
"You do like it?" Carlos questioned.
"Like it? I love it... I have wanted this exact plate since I was 10 years old" Stephanie announced.
"No?!.. Really?" Carlos paused "That exact plate?"
Stephanie nodded enthusiastically then remembered something and dashed out of the room only to return minutes later.

"When I was younger the lady down the road gave the magazines she had finished with to my mum and I would collect all sorts of things and put them away. I use to cut out anything that was purple and make collages. I would keep crochet patterns even though I didn't crochet (and still don't). I would keep cross words for their black and white patterns. Any recipe with chocolate AND... I would collect the plate offers that I really liked."

Stephanie showed Carlos the folder which was filled with all sorts of useless bits of paper.
"I even sorted them all so that my favourite things were at the front... Look!!" She said pointing down at the folder. "That sheet with the plate is sitting up front above all the others. I kept the order information sheet so I could look at the detail of each animal. There was just something visually alluring about the design and I thought the best I can do was keep the paper."

Carlos looked at Stephanie, kissed her forehead and said "I knew there was something about that plate!"

*Maybe not so one of a kind.

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  1. A lovely story:) What a happy ending

  2. Some things are just meant to be!
    Enjoy your plate - what a lovely story.

  3. wow that is so amazing, great post, thanks for sharing

  4. What an amazing story. You see, it was a match made in heaven!

  5. AWESOME POST! Sorry I missed the club yesterday. It was my baby Honey's FIRST BIRTHDAY!

  6. Awww such a lovely story and i love that plate! especially the sealions! :) x