Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Junk Lovin...

I'm going to get straight to the point...
This dresser cost me $2!

There just so happened to be a garage sale across the street from us on Saturday, so over I went and bought the dresser. It's in great condition and was well looked after.

It is the perfect height to go under our studio window and the kids can all reach the toys on top. Plus I can store their studio toys in the drawers which means less mess on the floor. Well, that's my plan at least.

So now the couch/relaxing area beside the play mat is all clear of toys making more room for reading space and listening to Carlos' music.

I also picked up these tea towels which were just screaming at me to buy them for 50c each.

I just couldn't walk past this brand new peacock tea towel either... look at the colours. I am not sure whether to turn into a tea towel creation from Curlypops tutorials or frame it like Nic did hers...OR I could incorporate it into a skirt... hmm what do you think?

Check out more junk lovers over at Em's Blog and join in the fun.


  1. What fantastic finds!
    Those teatowels are amazing, and I think the peacock would make a fab skirt. You could use the peacock as the front panel and maybe some denim at the back?

  2. Great buys. The peacock is so beautiful that I think you should frame it. Great wall art!

  3. Yes I agree with curly pops, what about an apron? I think you win the cheapest junk of the week award! Well done $2!!!

  4. My eldest daughter would love that Peacock as a cushion! What awesome colours. Plus, you win the prize for best ever cheapest junk furniture award! Good hunting:)

  5. Skirt skirt skirt!!! Or mini-dress?! (You could pull that off :-)
    Thanks so much for my little package which arrived, LOVE the zipper pouch which has the boys fascinated and I also love your little extras... what a sweet one you are.

  6. love that chest of drawers

  7. I love that dresser! I keep thinking that I'd like to find something like that to put in my daughter's bedroom - very retro and cool! Good finds!

  8. WOW, girl you did good! I'm lovin' the tea towels and the chest of drawers!