Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Junk Lovin Thrifted Pregnancy...

I mentioned during my previous 2 pregnancies I had taken my own ethical clothing pledge just like Isis' pledge and wardrobe refashion.

Some people spend a fortune on maternity clothes and I was adamant on spending very little considering the length of time I would wear them. I set out when I was pregnant with both Bear and Bubble and bought enough clothes to feel happily dressed while pregnant at a couple of local op shops.

These photos were taken one day when I was 8mths pregnant and a little bored.
All the outfits are either thrifted or from the previous pregnancy. It was just a matter of a bit of mix and match really.

Previous pregnancy skirt and top.

Refashioned mens long sleeve top to stretchy maternity top.

Thifted boob tube and skirt.

Previous pregnancy top.
Ebay maternity shorts.

Thrifted top/dress.

Thrifted top.

Mens long sleeve shirt refashioned to maternity shirt.

Thrifted maternity dress.
Boots $10 from a garage sale.
Scarf was a gift from Ecuador.

Thrifted Dress.

Thrifted Dress.

So if your finding it increasingly difficult to find maternity clothes that you are happy to wear, I suggest taking all your maternity items out and trying them on. Firstly it's a lot of fun and you can get a much better idea of what you have and what you could add to your wardrobe.

Then head to your local treasure shop with a friend and get hunting. Most of my thrifted items were stretchy, a couple of sizes bigger plus I actually came across some maternity clothes.

For more junk lovin check out Em's blog for more details.


  1. love this - I too refused to spend $$$$ while I was pregnant.

  2. Hahahahaha!! Something I should take note of for sure LOL!!!

  3. What a great idea you had to take all those photos, I am sure your little ones would love to imagine themselves looking through your belly button even better :) LOL! X

  4. Yes I was thinking same as Sandrine! The red strapless is my fav, looks nice.

  5. Wow, you sure do pregnancy stunningly!! XX

  6. woah mama, look at that belly! you make pregnant bellies look so cool. thanks for inspiring pregnant women to get thrifty, not that i'm planning to be pregnant anytime soon

  7. You're a classic.

    I'm still wearing my maternity clothes from the last kid! I hope they last until the next one. Ebay will be a good idea if not... ta for the tip.

  8. Have you ever thought of modelling? You have struck some killer poses!

  9. I am another one who does not believe in huge spending on purchasing all those maternity clothes neither. Am 34 wks pregnant and I have not own any maternity jeans at all. I am currently still wearing most of my pre-pregnancy clothes...well, those loose one.... :D