Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bed For Dory Our Cat, Not Nemo's Friend!!

Bubble and I made a bed for Dory to sleep in using a cardboard box, some black paint, stuffing and some scrap fabric with dogs ridding in cars.

Bubble loved the new pillow and was very helpful to show dory what to do...

"This is where you can sleep from now on Dory."

Dory isn't to keen on the idea at first. I think the fabric might have thrown her a little.

So Bubble shows her what to do...



  1. How cute!
    Hey I think your cat and my cat must be distant relations - they look very similar.

  2. Awwwww how cute!
    Did you keep Dory indoors for a week to get her comfortable with her new house? I've heard you have to do that when you move.

  3. Your daughter is absolutely adorable.

  4. Great! Thanks for the link to your post Stephanie! I definately think the box is the way to go. I've just discovered him in yet another drawer.