Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BEARY Happy Birthday Boy...

We woke party morning with all 5 of us in our bed. The long awaited big boy present had been hidden away a week before hand. Bears face lit up as soon as he saw the Ben 10 logo underneath the gift wrapping.

It was done!!

No more handmade Omnitrix for Bear. He has upgraded to the mass produced, made in China version which breaks my heart but when you tell your 3 year old you can have a Ben 10 watch when you turn 4 you must stay true to your word. He has already racked up hours of fun and self amusement as well as transforming into aliens I have never heard of.

Bubble has official claimed his discarded one which makes my heart feel a little better.

Last minute party preparations included painting the pinata. We just ran out of time.
I swear the sun set 3 hours earlier the day before.

Left over Ben 10 transfers from the Ben 10 Bunting were turned into hair pieces and brooches for the girls to wear with their green shirts.

The Omnitrix Cake!!
Carlos and I both made it with lots of love and attention. It's the first proper cake we have made together and we were so happy when Bear saw it and actually knew what it was.
Best of all it was morish!!

I told him we made it especially for him and he even said "Awww... Thanks Mum and Dad!"
He is such a pleasure to make the extra effort for.

One of our friends bought his Heat Blast costume and Bear was extremely excited to get a turn!!


It's hard to believe that this was Bear 4 years ago.
This is THE ONLY PHOTO taken just minutes after carlos delivered Bear in our bath room unassisted. Bear was in such a hurry to be born that he didn't even wait for the ambo's to arrive.
It's a pretty crazy story. Carlos and I love telling it together as we remember details from each others side of the story. Maybe one day I will share it here...

Never underestermate your natural instinct Ladies and Gentlemen.


  1. happy bithday big boy bear!!!

  2. You guys really know how to pull of the family celebration thing... wow. I think I'm way behind on the Ben 10 thing, and hopefully my boys will remain so (fingers crossed!)

    That picture of you holding Bear so soon after birth is just amazing. I imagine you were ever so slightly shell-shocked. I'd love to hear the story sometime... only just made it to hospital with Charlie (no2) so I think I'll want to prepare for a bit of home bathroom birthing if we have another down the track.

  3. Awwww happy birthday Bear!!! Love you so much!!! Keane also sends his love to you too.
    Such a big boy now

    Love everything about the party. So creative and so handmade and totally perfect!!

  4. Great Ben 10 Party, love the bunting and the cake is great. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    MrsKT (sunny mummy)