Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Jaime Fashion...

Wouldn't it be awesome if Moo or Bear were on the cover of Vanity Fair wearing one of their own MooBear Designs!!
Not just any Vanity Fair mind you.

How about the Green Issue?

Well of course that's not really going to happen.
There is one little baby girl out there who thought MooBear was special enough for Vanity Fair and made her own cover shot.
You can have a read here.

This is little Baby Jaime.

She is one little fashion diva who knows what she wants to wear and she wont settle for anything less. We all love a nice outfit don't we? Well Jaime shows us her outfit everyday. On Day 63 she wore her MooBear Designs Baby T-shirt and posed for her cover shot.

She has me in stitches constantly.

My favourite so far is her final fair well which just touched my heart. I never thought of it from a babies point of view.

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