Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Junk Lovin...

Better late than never hey?!

My Junk Lovin treasure this week is a MooBear Family favourite.

He generally gets the blame when food, particularly cookies, go missing from children's plates in our house. He lives on top of our fridge at the moment and looks out on us while we eat our breakfast, lunch and tea...

He's stamped underneath with 'Walt Disney By Hoan'
Carlos bought him for $2 one day while treasure shopping.

There is also a matching Mickey Jar too... but we haven't found him yet...
Have you?

BEARY Happy Birthday Boy...

We woke party morning with all 5 of us in our bed. The long awaited big boy present had been hidden away a week before hand. Bears face lit up as soon as he saw the Ben 10 logo underneath the gift wrapping.

It was done!!

No more handmade Omnitrix for Bear. He has upgraded to the mass produced, made in China version which breaks my heart but when you tell your 3 year old you can have a Ben 10 watch when you turn 4 you must stay true to your word. He has already racked up hours of fun and self amusement as well as transforming into aliens I have never heard of.

Bubble has official claimed his discarded one which makes my heart feel a little better.

Last minute party preparations included painting the pinata. We just ran out of time.
I swear the sun set 3 hours earlier the day before.

Left over Ben 10 transfers from the Ben 10 Bunting were turned into hair pieces and brooches for the girls to wear with their green shirts.

The Omnitrix Cake!!
Carlos and I both made it with lots of love and attention. It's the first proper cake we have made together and we were so happy when Bear saw it and actually knew what it was.
Best of all it was morish!!

I told him we made it especially for him and he even said "Awww... Thanks Mum and Dad!"
He is such a pleasure to make the extra effort for.

One of our friends bought his Heat Blast costume and Bear was extremely excited to get a turn!!


It's hard to believe that this was Bear 4 years ago.
This is THE ONLY PHOTO taken just minutes after carlos delivered Bear in our bath room unassisted. Bear was in such a hurry to be born that he didn't even wait for the ambo's to arrive.
It's a pretty crazy story. Carlos and I love telling it together as we remember details from each others side of the story. Maybe one day I will share it here...

Never underestermate your natural instinct Ladies and Gentlemen.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Peppermint Magazine Feature...

Have you heard of Peppermint Magazine? If you are a re fashioner, eco worrier, greenie, sustainable pioneer the list goes on and on... Odds are you probably have.

Funnily enough my first Peppermint Mag was sent to me by Isis when we did a magazine swap last year. Being the greenie family we are it seemed like it was written for everyone in our family. From musical interviews to crafty adventures, sustainable living to chemical free kid safe products.

It is the perfect eco family magazine.

Issue 5 is out now.

A friend reads the magazine too and mentioned that one day she'll see MooBear in there. I laughed at her because it seemed so far away.

Apparently not...

In the Teenie Greenie section for little eco babies they have featured Moo's Flowers Bodysuit.

We are thoroughly delighted here at HQ and can't help but run are hands along the recycled paper image within the pages of a wonderful handmade treasure.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Creative Space...

Only 1 day left till the main event and I am seeing green!!

Yep my creative space is still partying hard. Now that Moo's disco is over I can move onward and upward.

This is Bear's first official Birthday Party which is why we are going to a mammoth effort.

I have just been working on some things for the younger kids to play with during the party.
They will also have a piƱata of course.

Some fabric stencils to colour in using fabric markers. I am planning something special with the fabric once the kids have finished doodling on them. I hope they stay in between the lines though... hehe.

100% recycled Ben 10 bunting.

Yep!! I am making a Ben 10 dress for myself using a heap of green and black scraps. I didn't plan on doing this it just kind of appeared on my wire mannequin. It doesn't look like much now but there is still a belt to come.

I am also hoping to make Moo, Bubble and Carlos something Ben 10 too.

I stupidly suggested I make an omnitrix cake for Bear.
I figured it can't be that hard right?
I asked Brenda for some advice but honestly I don't have a clue about baking or icing or... what's that stuff called again?

I borrowed this photo from here as inspiration.
Am I allowed to do that?
There was also this one too.

If I can get just the circular part of the cake to resemble an omnitrix I'd be cheering.
Is there anyone out there in blog land willing to lend some free advice to a crafter not a baker?

Heat scares me.
Cooking isn't my thing.
I tend to burn boiling water (don't laugh it's true).

The thought of Bear's face when I show him just how much we love him with a kick arse Ben 10 cake would be priceless and I share my new found knowledge with you all.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Junk Lovin Thrifted Pregnancy...

I mentioned during my previous 2 pregnancies I had taken my own ethical clothing pledge just like Isis' pledge and wardrobe refashion.

Some people spend a fortune on maternity clothes and I was adamant on spending very little considering the length of time I would wear them. I set out when I was pregnant with both Bear and Bubble and bought enough clothes to feel happily dressed while pregnant at a couple of local op shops.

These photos were taken one day when I was 8mths pregnant and a little bored.
All the outfits are either thrifted or from the previous pregnancy. It was just a matter of a bit of mix and match really.

Previous pregnancy skirt and top.

Refashioned mens long sleeve top to stretchy maternity top.

Thifted boob tube and skirt.

Previous pregnancy top.
Ebay maternity shorts.

Thrifted top/dress.

Thrifted top.

Mens long sleeve shirt refashioned to maternity shirt.

Thrifted maternity dress.
Boots $10 from a garage sale.
Scarf was a gift from Ecuador.

Thrifted Dress.

Thrifted Dress.

So if your finding it increasingly difficult to find maternity clothes that you are happy to wear, I suggest taking all your maternity items out and trying them on. Firstly it's a lot of fun and you can get a much better idea of what you have and what you could add to your wardrobe.

Then head to your local treasure shop with a friend and get hunting. Most of my thrifted items were stretchy, a couple of sizes bigger plus I actually came across some maternity clothes.

For more junk lovin check out Em's blog for more details.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Jaime Fashion...

Wouldn't it be awesome if Moo or Bear were on the cover of Vanity Fair wearing one of their own MooBear Designs!!
Not just any Vanity Fair mind you.

How about the Green Issue?

Well of course that's not really going to happen.
There is one little baby girl out there who thought MooBear was special enough for Vanity Fair and made her own cover shot.
You can have a read here.

This is little Baby Jaime.

She is one little fashion diva who knows what she wants to wear and she wont settle for anything less. We all love a nice outfit don't we? Well Jaime shows us her outfit everyday. On Day 63 she wore her MooBear Designs Baby T-shirt and posed for her cover shot.

She has me in stitches constantly.

My favourite so far is her final fair well which just touched my heart. I never thought of it from a babies point of view.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Aprons For Billycart Markets...

Unfortunately Team MooBear is unable to attend the very first Billycart Markets as we are celebrating Bears 4th birthday.

A little piece of MooBear will still be present at the markets though.
We were lucky enough to help create 5 handmade aprons especially for their markets.

I decided to take our large table outside in the warm sun to get started. I was able to watch the children play in our back yard while I soothed my heart and soul both creatively and motherly.

Something totally unrelated. I noticed Dory asleep in her cat bed. It's so nice to see her using it although she seems to have done away with the dog covered fabric. Maybe that wasn't the best material to use.

5 pockets ready to be sewn into place.

The designs vary in materials and techniques...
digital transfer
hand embroidery

Billycart Markets
27th March 2010 9am-3pm
Lakes Parish Hall, 21 Lagoon Street, Narrabeen NSW 2101

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moo's Disco Party Rocked!!

All the preparations were finally put to use. It was successful and extremely fun for all 20 girls and one Bear!!

Strike a pose!! Moo... You have way too much attitude girl!!

I actually handmade all the gifts that were part of the parcel game, including some headbands which were surprisingly popular. There were also zipper purses, yo yo rings, badges and little softies to choose from.

From this...

...To this!!

Not bad hey?! All the decorations are handmade. We used our curtains from our studio to create a wall and the buntings from our markets came in handy too. Moo-ii wanted all the classic disco trax from Donna Summer to KC & the Sunshine band. Carlos was the party's Dj and the tunes kept flowing so the ladies could keep on dancing!!

Disco ball... Pinata.

100% handmade by all 3 children.

The best way to whack a pinata is with a light saber!!

This is the hole which was created after 20 girls hit the pinata 15 times each... That's one sturdy pinata if you ask me!!

So the blind folds came off. That didn't work. So Carlos got in there and the girls dog piled to collect the goodies!!

They tasted so yummy!
Not my best work but they all enjoyed their cake!!

Happy Birthday Moo-ii!! We Love You!!