Monday, February 15, 2010

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves..

My little sister Sarah came over on the weekend. We now live about 20mins apart so no more 10mth breaks between visits. She and Dad dropped off their spare lawn mower. Something we kinda overlooked when we moved in because we never had a grassy yard in Sydney. It's so new and exciting that the kids all site at the back veranda watching eagerly.

Sarah showed off her 17th Birthday goodies to me. Among her gifts were a grey pair of flats.

"Sarah I have the perfect gift for you and your new shoes!" I yelled jumping up and down.
"Really?" Sarah questioned.
"YES... really!!" I confirmed.
"Like totally?" She questioned once more.
"Totally..." Arh the conversation with a teen is simple and totally easy.

I totally whipped up 2 matching yoyo brooches on the spot. Perfect and adorable... Just like you Sarah!!

While I had her over I asked her to model some adult MooBear shirts which had been on my 'to do' list for quite some time.

Moo's Flowers...

Moo's Garloomph


  1. How kind clever sister she has!Hehe I love you Moo Garloomph hehe:)

  2. yo YO sista! I love what you've done with her flats, very gorgeous. And she's a sweet-looking model.

  3. SO awesome that you can see her MORE often!! I don't think I've seen Moo's Garloomph before....LOVE IT!!!