Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Creative Space...

Guess what? I tried some crafting of a different kind... My Creative Space was spent at a new friends house. Here's the story...

Moo's first day at a new school meant she didn't know anyone. Carlos and I were really worried about Moo's reaction to the whole experience but after we watched her find a chair and talk to another girl in her class we breathed a massive sigh of relief.
"She'll be fine!" we both said in unison.

She really was. Moo's first friend's name is Jessie and she wore her normal uniform the following day knowing that Moo didn't have a sports uniform just so she wouldn't feel left out!! Can you believe that? I get goose bumps every time I tell someone how special Jessie is.

SO... concentrate Steph!! Jessie's Mum invited me over to a card making party. Like a tupperware party only you make cards of course. This is something I have never done. I dabbled in a bit of scrap booking way before it become popular but that was the only reference I had.

I made 2 cards. This one is for Carlos. I wrote what I was feeling in the moment... I think Carlos is an amazing man and just when I think I know all there is to love he surprises me with something new... I love you baby!!

You might think it's a Valentines but we don't celebrate Valentines Day. We feel it's all commercial driven by large companies to sell fluffy toys made in china and horrible tasting chocolates which come in copious amounts of packaging among other things... Where is the love in that?

I do love to see how people show one another their love. I don't mean to sound like a Valentines Day Scrooge. I have seen some really lovely handmade gifts out for Valentines which just make my heart melt...

Don't get me wrong though Carlos and I celebrate our love for each other regularly without having to go to those extremes.

This is the 2nd card. It has a snow globe like feature window that is a little bit awesome I think... This card is just for me to keep...

...and make my suitcase look pretty. I was tired of finding nappies, wipes containers and tissues around the house and thought they would look much nicer placed together in a vintage suitcase. Bubble hasn't figured out there is a handle yet...hehe.

I think my creative space may have momentarily become my creative writing... So head over to Kootoyoo for some seriously creative crafting...


  1. cards are so sweet looking..very lovely way to have fun with a group . homemade all the way for me too .

  2. We don't celebrate Valentines Day either. But...I have been inspired by all the love popping up in the rss & actually am making something that is/isn't for valentines day.

  3. Oh wow that both look fantastic :) Man you are one talented lady :)

  4. I love your cards, and yes, the snow globe part is super special. I would love to try my hand at card day...perhaps..

  5. That was just so sweet, I almost cried! There are some very gentle beautiful souls out there - glad your Moo has connected with one :)
    We don't care much for Valentine's Day either - show love and respect every day I say. Great space. K

  6. Great cards and I give you one more day before the handle cover is blown. Yay for the Jessies of the world!

  7. Love, love, love the suitcase idea, and the story of Jessie was priceless.

  8. Moo is such a unique being...OF COURSE she would attract a special friend!! YAY!! And how awesome her friend has a crafty momma!!! Yay for Steph!! :D I like the cards...I need to make one for my man...I'm not big on Vday as a "gift giving" holiday, but I think it is sweet for children and families to use it as a LOVE FEST kinda day! Ours is so close to Mardi Gras, that it always gets overlooked anyway...except for the year the husband decided Ms. Priss NEEDED a $40 BALLOON!!!! WHAT THE??!!! I still let him hear it on that...he gets upset because I won't let him buy ME anything!! I am sooo not a jewelry person, and he just doesn't know what to do about that!!! HA!

  9. i love your cards and your case idea but i mostly loved reading that very lovely story. thank you

  10. I totally share your thoughts about valentines day. Love love love old suitcases! Please join our JUNK LUVIN gang and add the button to your blog check it out oh and, hope a little fatboy angel hits you in the but with an arrow on Sunday hehehe MAWAH!