Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Creative Space...

Well to be creative sometimes you need to explore your surroundings and find what makes you smile. So we went on an adventure which lead us up the mountain. We discovered a hidden park with an interesting piece of equipment which I had grown up with while the children didn't have a clue what it was.

Do you remember these?
Once I showed the kids what to do there was no stopping all 3 of them.

Our back yard is just full of unexplored wonder...

...and the smallest surprises.

I do believe I am yoyo obsessed. I went to Spotlight and bought the 'quick' yoyo maker. I tell you what it certainly is a lot quicker than I can do by hand and it gets the pleats PERFECT!!

After last week Bubble just assumes I am making head bands.

I am not too sure what I am making yet but once again Em's Stash has come in super handy.

I am off to check out Kootoyoo for more wondrous ideas and creative guineas... you should come too.


  1. I'm up for any gadgetry that gets the job done faster. I do believe you ARE yoyo obsessed.

  2. Oh yes, I remember those whirly whatsits. I also recall a distinct feeling of post whirly whatsit quease!

  3. hm hm you've caught the yoyo bug

  4. I have no idea what that contraption is, but it looks ridiculously fun. And ... your baby is adorable!

  5. Oh boy, the dizziness and throwing up is coming back to me all too clearly...

    And hurrah, I'm so glad you bought a yoyo maker! They're quick aren't they? Please, PLEASE make an awesome big throw quilt out of lots of yo yos. You'd be my hero.

  6. So where is the photo of the kids lying on the ground because they are so dizzy they can't stand up...???!!!