Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just Praming Around...

Bubble and I have been getting into some of my treasures I have had stored away from our old place. With our massive studio space I can have a lot more of the things that make my heart sing, out and on show.

One of my favourite pieces I bought from a treasure shop was this pram. Moo had just turned 2 when I bought it for $15... What a bargain.

So far Moo, Bear and Bubble have all used it as it has a sitting position as well. That there fast asleep under my first quilting project is a 2 day old Bubble. We took all 3 kids to our local park and had a wonderful picnic lunch that day.

Now Bubble is 16 mths old and can do far too many things. She'll climb into the pram, rock back and forth and wait for me, Moo or Bear to push her around the back yard. It even has the carry basket which attaches to the back of frame as well as the vinyl cocoon which buttons over the top.

The pram is still in perfect condition and I just love that it is all shiny and the vinyl has no rips or tears.

I rang Steelcraft and they said it was a limited run made back in 1980 in conjunction with another company. Hmmm.... I wonder what it will be worth in 20 years??

The only other thing I am on the look out for is a possible toddler attachment which fixes to the front of the frame then it would be complete. But for now I am content with my $15 old school pram...

For safety reasons I bought a harness which I attached to the pram. So no children have climbed out without me knowing about it hehe...


  1. cool pram. much more character than those new ones

  2. awww...soo sweet!! She has grown soooo fast!! I LOVE this...we don't really see these much here in the states!! Great quilt, BTW! :D In 20 years it will be worth EVERYTHING to see Moo pushing around your 1st grandbaby!! :D Hold on dearly! xo

  3. Awesome pram Steph. How cute would you look pushing that around!