Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Junk Lovin...

This is my latest road side rescue.

I noticed this the day we moved in. I even took a photo through our side fence. My neighbour was having a clean out and put it out the front. Jumping up and down I asked if I could rescue it from her and she was all for it.

I didn't even notice that the detailed humming birds...

There is something about wrought iron which appeals to me.
The rawness and details?
The texture and colour?
The timeless detail and handmade touch?

Isn't she wonderful.
Best of all there are 2 of them. The 2nd one is sitting outside the studio under the patio area.

So I can sit down the back yard with my afternoon coffee and watch the kids play happily.
I can sit and read my book which I am still reading.
I can do a spot of crafting out in the open.
I can take lots of product and creative photos with a new back drop.
I can sit and listen to Carlos produce some awesome sounds from the studio.

Check out who else is lovin' their junk over here.


  1. I love them! We have a little garden setting, I went loony one day and painted them red. Now the paint is peeling and I love them even more!

  2. What great addition(s) to your lovely garden 'room'. Love the hummingbirds - what a bonus.

  3. Coffee sounds like a good idea!

  4. Ooo i like very much, the birdies are lovely, we have a one person garden chair that the last owner left, im waiting for the summer to give it a spruce :) xx

  5. Tell me....did you bring that junk home in your trunk?