Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Junk Lovin...

So here it is!! My very first instalment of Junk Love. I have been thinking about what I can show you all and decided on these rare items. Well maybe they aren't so rare but my kids sure don't know what they are...

Lens cases.

I grew up with these as my Dad is a photographer. These were a road side rescue about a year ago. I originally had them sitting in Carlos' studio in our old place. They were waiting for something wonderful and exciting to happen to them but with my creativity a little stifled their endless possibilities weren't recognised until a week ago.

Don't you think they would make great little handbags...
Jewellery keepers...
Pen caddie...
Fairy home...

I would love some more ideas...

I also discovered they make great stands for my Over It! rings as well as a conversation piece while at the markets.

If you have a special piece of junk that you just love you should share it with us here!!


  1. If these were mine, I would give one each to my eldest daughters. I often write them notes in their lunch boxes and they like to keep them (little treasures) and these cases would make awesome little time capsules full of special notes!

  2. I'd use them grouped together in my room for jewellery or use two of them for bookends.


  3. aahh just lovely old lens cases - takes me back to my days as a photographer :) The joy of a new lens...I used to take them out of their cases like they were treasure - well they were - especially the Mamiya medium format...the days of pre-digital, negative technology and lots of darkroom work...No ideas - except a tribute to photography days gone by...incorporate some old negative film strips...Have fun

  4. I don't know what I would do with them but I love them !

  5. They look fantastic in the photos. Great colours on the inside, but no too busy. Great find!
    Ally <'v'>