Friday, February 12, 2010

Junk Gypsy... That's me!!!

Join the movement, be part of the club!
Every Wednesday find a little time to indulge in a little junk luvin and share your photographs with us of your favourite secondhand pieces, your preloved treasures that fill your homes, join myself, wild things of noosa and emmaroseart tell the world how in love with second hand style you really are. It's not just a fetish, it's not just a fascination, it's not just a design style, it's a revolution!
I am so excited I am not sure what to show first... So many treasures to show and so many I can link back to.... oh the joy of finding people who love their junk as much as I do...


  1. hi there, look forward to seeing your junk, the image we did above for Junk Love is of my husbands old school port! He threw it out one day recently when we had a clean up and luckily I found it in the wheelie bin, no appreciation for junk some people!!!

  2. Looking forward to see your "junk" too!