Monday, February 22, 2010

A Hat...

Sometimes I need to just be randomly creative for no real reason or purpose.
Sometimes I see something and I just have to make it.
Sometimes I watchThreadBanger. I came across this tutorial.
I happened to have everything it required and set to work.

- scrap fabric
- cereal box
- tape
- Bubble

The result is a little bit funny, silly, pointless and probably completely useless until I make myself one... But best of all I managed to make something with instant satisfaction.

Do you like Bubble's new skirt? $4 with matching polka dot bloomers. BARGAIN!

I also picked up a hat for myself finally. I have always wanted a massive brim hat and I picked this one up for $2. I have the front pinned back using 2 of Isis' badges which I won last month. It's ridiculously huge and I love it!!


  1. Love it! Bubble looks so 'Melbourne Cup Day' Been Uncle Vinnie shopping myself today... must remember to post about it on Wednesday. B

  2. I have awarded you a 'Sunshine Award' to accept the award for display on your blog check

    fairy wishes x
    ps as I was loading your blog my son was looking at your page and said your tshirts 'look really good' high praise from a six year old! LOL

  3. You know I thought of the Easter hats we made to wear as kids at school, what a great template to use and decorate with Easter treasures. Mine was always daggy but I would have loved the MELBOURNE CUP EASTER HAT look.

  4. Please, you're killing me with preciousness :) That sentence did not make sense, but you get the gist, don't you? She wears that hat with such flair.

  5. The preciousness IS apparent!! She is getting sooo sassy! :D I've missed your whimsical!! I am hoping things will s-L-OOOOOOOw down enough to get back to creating and enjoying your lovliness!! I LOVE big floppy hats too!! AWESOME!