Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MooBear Fan...

This young man is Joshua and he is wearing a very special MooBear Design indeed.

Joshua and Moo met in kindergarten and they were always playing and laughing together. At the end of the day Joshua's name would always come up one way or another in conversations.. So when Joshua invited Moo to his 6th birthday party back in 2006, Moo and I thought it would be the best opportunity to show him just how loved, funny, special and awesome he was to us!

Joshua received the first ever Spaceship designed by Moo and I.
Since then Bear decided he liked the Spaceship so much that we made him his very own. He now claims ownership of the design and why not?

Moo has a Rocket so he can have the Spaceship... What's next? Little green space men?!

I want to thank Joshie and his Mum for sending us the photos of an original MooBear shirt in action. The hat is a great accessory as well.. Hehe.

I think the universe might be telling us to look back and see what we have achieved. Without Moo's school friends from Sydney who we made the original shirts for, MooBear wouldn't be where it is now!!

Remember if you have some MooBear Fans be sure to snap their photo and send it our way!!

You can buy your very own Bear's Spaceship over in our shop. We have a boys and a girls design to choose from...

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