Friday, January 22, 2010

MooBear Fan...

This young man is wearing a very special shirt. He is wearing the original MooBear Rocket which Moo and I made for her friend Paul when they were in kindy. As you can see not much has changed from the original design. We continue to stay true to Moo's design.

Michaels mum had this to say about his new shirt.

"This is Michael in his hand-me down (from Paul) original, excellent design and good quality Rocket T-shirt. He wears it with great pride. We have received many compliments and have directed people to your website"

Thank You Michael!!!

I love that it is a hand-me down...MooBear goes even further.

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  1. We are going through Siena and Lucia's old clothes to organise winter clothes for Eva before we pass them on. Some of the things Eva wears now have been used by at least 4 other kids!! I love hand me downs.