Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knit Wit...

Moo and I decided we would do some op shopping. We actually have a massive Salvo's near us so we went there and founds lots of treasures we could have bought but we controlled ourselves only bought something we could use over the weekend.

We found these vintage knitting needles for 50c each. Straight away Moo suggested making bangles before I could get a word in. "What a great idea! What made you think of bangles?" I asked "Well I thought we could bend them around our wrists maybe?!"

Great thinking and it was ALL her idea.
Achievable and easy.

When we got home we googled a few blogs and tutorials out there about recycled knitting needles and found some wonderful ideas here...

Meridian Ariel tutorial is the one we pretty much followed.
Sassafras Creations on etsy for some inspiration.
Liana Kabel is a truly gifted woman. Check out her Etsy Shop.

So we decided that we would place them in boiling water then when they were bendable we would try different moulding jars. We had a pasta jar, a square glass and a small tin. In the end I just moulded them by hand then submerged them in icy water.

Moo loves her blue bangles!!
These were the easiest to make as they are thin and workable.

A few more we tried and tested.
These were easy when left in the water for about 10 minutes as they are thicker.

I may have stumbled across a new fashion trend?!
This was the hardest to mould as the plastic is really thick. I am thinking I might just use the
'5 1/2mm' tip for a new project.

All in all it was a successful project. One I have been wanting to do for quite a long time so I can tick it off my list!!


  1. cool, it seems so easy! i have been wanting to do this for ages, so thanks for the links

  2. Moo you clever little thing you!!!!!
    Are you going to use the 5/1mm nobby thing as matching earrings??