Sunday, January 31, 2010


I don't receive awards too often. I am happy just to put my happenings out there for the world to read if they want to. One person who has read my blog for a while now is Lauranie and she always has something bubbly and fun to say on my comments. What makes this even more special is that she is all the over in America and I think we are pretty close blog wise and craftiness wise. Plus we email each other our family photos!! Isn't that so sweet?

Her creations are just above and beyond what I can do. So Thank You Lauranie you are so Beautiful!!

To accept this award I have to thank the person who gave it to me, which I did...paste the award on my blog and link back to the person who nominated you...check out Lauranie's blog here. Her blog name speaks to all of us crafters "This Is Sew My Life" I love it!! And lastly, tell 7 interesting things about myself, nominate 7 blogs for this award then link to them!!

I figured I could tell you a heap of things you don't know and make it fun at the same time. So let's see what we can find out...

1. I don't drive, don't want to, don't need to...
2. I have a tattoo of a dolphin with a celtic spiral tail (a picture would be better here) on my lower back which is purple and blue. It has a special meaning to me and I already have my next tattoo planned.
3. My best Treasure Shop find was Carlos, my husband. He use to work down the road in my local treasure shop. Isn't that just priceless... it far out weighs any treasures I have bought since.
4. Carlos was born in Ecuador and I am adamant that we go there to live for a little while... or maybe more. What's stopping us? We keep having a baby every time we are serious about it!!
5. I don't cook. I can't cook. I am really bad at it!! Carlos cooks all our meals and they are all so yummy. We enjoy South American, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Aussie... the list is endless and he has never cooked a bad meal.
6. I only ever see the good in people. Which often leads me to a broken heart. But the people who are good I hold tightly and never let go.
7. I can tie a wicked reef knot.

I am not that boring... Hahaha.

So lets see who I can linky love too. This is hard.

Ally ... because she makes wonderful up cycled mens tie creations plus ahe and I are on the same page, just on different planets.
Em ... Truly inspirational woman. In both craft, life and art. I have followed her blog the longest I think.
Sophie ... because she tells it how it is and is great at what she does. Plus I want her to invite me over so I can have a coffee from her new coffee machine.
Stacey ... All the way over in America too. Stacey has the vintage pattern bug and I love seeing her patterns.
Cam ... I didn't think a tea towel could look so funky. Cam has helped me out in so many ways!!
Korrine ... You inspire me to be a better Mother!!
Nikki ... I know you have an award free blog but I want you to know you make me want to do the best I can in all my craft and you remind me about my teacher days and how to implement them at home which is something I forget I can actually do.

I know some blogs are award free but I wanted you guys to know that I appreciate you blogging and inspiring me though the world wide web!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Creative Space...

I just jumped online while Carlos was getting a bit of gaming in and headed down my creative list of bloggers and suddenly I screamed a high pitched girly scream.

Carlos thought there was a huge spider or something terrifying in the kitchen and was armed with his thongs in hand. After I calmed down I quietly told him My Creative Space was back.


So lets see what I have been creating. Don't get excited it's nothing special...well actually it is.

So I still haven't been doing much sewing but my machine is set up and I did do a tiny bit of hand sewing especially for Moo. I made her a head band for her first day at a new school. To make it a little more special there was a little material left over and made Bubble one too.

I'll fill you in on Moo's day later as it needs a bit of time and I still need to dump the photo's to Carlos' computer... then choose the photo's I want... then email them to myself... then you get the drift. Hehe

I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to Em for de cluttering her space. She collected this basket full of fabric and sent it to me so I could use all her scraps. You know how much I love scraps?? So so so much. Plus seeing new colours and designs made me want to get back to creating so it was the kick in the pants I needed.

While we're talking about Em you should call past her madeit store. She has some really beautiful and inspiring works of art. My favourite piece is her Impression original oil painting. She uses sewing patterns as the background to her work and it just feels so raw and emotional. It would look grand in a sewing studio don't you think?

So there you go... 2 yoyo head bands made from scrap fabric and vintage buttons... What's going on in your Creative Space?

Head over to Kirsty's and let her know too!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MooBear Fan...

This young man is Joshua and he is wearing a very special MooBear Design indeed.

Joshua and Moo met in kindergarten and they were always playing and laughing together. At the end of the day Joshua's name would always come up one way or another in conversations.. So when Joshua invited Moo to his 6th birthday party back in 2006, Moo and I thought it would be the best opportunity to show him just how loved, funny, special and awesome he was to us!

Joshua received the first ever Spaceship designed by Moo and I.
Since then Bear decided he liked the Spaceship so much that we made him his very own. He now claims ownership of the design and why not?

Moo has a Rocket so he can have the Spaceship... What's next? Little green space men?!

I want to thank Joshie and his Mum for sending us the photos of an original MooBear shirt in action. The hat is a great accessory as well.. Hehe.

I think the universe might be telling us to look back and see what we have achieved. Without Moo's school friends from Sydney who we made the original shirts for, MooBear wouldn't be where it is now!!

Remember if you have some MooBear Fans be sure to snap their photo and send it our way!!

You can buy your very own Bear's Spaceship over in our shop. We have a boys and a girls design to choose from...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knit Wit...

Moo and I decided we would do some op shopping. We actually have a massive Salvo's near us so we went there and founds lots of treasures we could have bought but we controlled ourselves only bought something we could use over the weekend.

We found these vintage knitting needles for 50c each. Straight away Moo suggested making bangles before I could get a word in. "What a great idea! What made you think of bangles?" I asked "Well I thought we could bend them around our wrists maybe?!"

Great thinking and it was ALL her idea.
Achievable and easy.

When we got home we googled a few blogs and tutorials out there about recycled knitting needles and found some wonderful ideas here...

Meridian Ariel tutorial is the one we pretty much followed.
Sassafras Creations on etsy for some inspiration.
Liana Kabel is a truly gifted woman. Check out her Etsy Shop.

So we decided that we would place them in boiling water then when they were bendable we would try different moulding jars. We had a pasta jar, a square glass and a small tin. In the end I just moulded them by hand then submerged them in icy water.

Moo loves her blue bangles!!
These were the easiest to make as they are thin and workable.

A few more we tried and tested.
These were easy when left in the water for about 10 minutes as they are thicker.

I may have stumbled across a new fashion trend?!
This was the hardest to mould as the plastic is really thick. I am thinking I might just use the
'5 1/2mm' tip for a new project.

All in all it was a successful project. One I have been wanting to do for quite a long time so I can tick it off my list!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

MooBear Fan...

This young man is wearing a very special shirt. He is wearing the original MooBear Rocket which Moo and I made for her friend Paul when they were in kindy. As you can see not much has changed from the original design. We continue to stay true to Moo's design.

Michaels mum had this to say about his new shirt.

"This is Michael in his hand-me down (from Paul) original, excellent design and good quality Rocket T-shirt. He wears it with great pride. We have received many compliments and have directed people to your website"

Thank You Michael!!!

I love that it is a hand-me down...MooBear goes even further.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Boy Bear Sews...

Sounds like the name of a children's book...

Bear saw Moo sewing one morning and decided he wanted to sew as well. I am not one to stereotype what boys and girls should do so I showed him how to thread the needle and told him to go in and out of the holes in his pieces of fabric. He picked up the idea quickly and set to work.

The only problem he had was trying to rethread the needle... but who doesn't?!
He was using the pieces to a DIY kit to make your own bag. I think he did a great job and I am so proud of his efforts.

Have you been over to Isis' blog yet? I frequent there often as I took her pledge. She has wonderful links to ethically made clothing. My favourite so far are the ethical undies.

So Isis had a giveaway and I was lucky enough to win her wonderful handmade goodies. Woohoo... It's nice to receive something that is handmade, ethically made and eco friendly. Everything which I try to achieve with MooBear Designs.


It looks like a whole heap of junk thrown together. Well it kinda is but it's getting much better. I have put up the hanging rod which I found in our back yard. I sanded it down and gave it a coat of vanish. It does the job for now.

Glass jars on the left of the shelf show off coloured buttons, craft in progress and Over It! jewellery. On the right there are DIY books, patterns and craft books...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm Back...YAY.

WOW... is it really 16 days into the new year already? Well this is my first post for the year and I am sorry but there are no crafty photos to be found this time.
We came up and collected the keys to our new house on Friday and made the move this time last Saturday with the help of some really close friends and family.

The first thing to earn it's place in our new home was this special plant given to Bubble for her 1st birthday by Christine from our favourite treasure shop in Sydney.

This is the view from our back door to our studio space. I think we will be enjoying the BBQ a little more this year...South American style of course!!

Inside our studio.

Yep there is a bar and yep there are a few beers in there already. One must be prepared you see. The big wooden shelf I have claimed as my own. It's going to display lots of old and new goodies and very special things indeed. I will also be using the beams to create a hanging space for projects and refashionings along with MooBear ideas.

If you have some ideas on what else I can add or do to my space do share!!

While we were waiting to head home on the Friday Bear noticed we had mail in our letter box. This is something very new and exciting for him as we haven't had a letter box in over 2 years. It's the small things they have missed out on...

During the last couple of days of packing I went a little loca (crazy) and started writing messages on the boxes for Carlos' studio and the kids toys... I am proud to say we played soccer today in our back yard so I can tick that off the list.

Just when we thought we couldn't take any more excitement, my Dad bought the kids a pool for Christmas... Bear was in heaven but had to wait nearly 2 hours for the pool to fill.
5 more minutes Bear... just 5 more minutes... hahaha

So this is inside our studio. Carlos' studio space will be the the back left corner. My studio space will be to the bottom right of the photo with my desk floating in front of the big wooden shelves.

Here's a quick game. Start timing yourself and see how long it takes you to find Bubble. We lost her but she knew exactly where she was... little chicken!!

Just a little bit excited.

Our side fence and our neighbours wooden day bench.
I couldn't help myself and had to take a photo.

Can you see the creek?! That's right behind our studio. My brother in law says we have the Avatar Jungle for our back yard... I tell you what it sounds like it too!!

Just taking a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood with my family. It really is a little bit awesome!!

I have so much to blog about and I am not sure where to really start. I have a few fan photo's from MooBear when I first started. There is an interview I did with the girls from The Oz Material Girls. When I am all set up again I promised the MooBear family that I would make them all something before I 'go back to work'.

So there you have it!!