Thursday, December 31, 2009

YoYo... Last Craft For 2009...

I would have loved to have reflected on the year gone past like CurlyPops and patted myself on the back but alas there is just no time. Carlos and I are both still packing, picking up boxes, managing 3 children and getting a little frazzled with just how much stuff we have accumulated and still have to pack.

The big move is on Saturday so happing all goes well and things just fall in to place like they normally do... There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In amongst packing my studio I found a button on a yoyo I made some time ago.
I opened the jar of ring attachments, got a needle and thread out, sewed it on and now have a New Year Ring hehe. I think I will add it to the Over It! collection...

I feel much better having fed my craft starved soul.
So back to packing...

Have a Happy New Year. I can't wait to start the newest chapter of Team MooBear's lives. I also look forward to following all your crafty endeavours in blog land!!

I think I might have a glass of CHAMPAIGN... I deserve it!!


  1. Happy New Year Steph! How on earth do you manage to keep your nails so lovely with all that crafting?

  2. Oh wow it's beautiful. LOVE it!

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  3. Hope you are all getting settled in and enjoying the beginning of your new year in your new home!! LOVE the ring girl! I am sure this will be the BEST year yet!! xo

  4. Hope you have a great new year! Lots of Moobear inspiration in your new home too! Don't forget to show us some pics of your new nest. Cheers

  5. All the best for your new home!