Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sew Along For Christmas...

I can officially let you know that Team MooBear will be relocating up to the Central Coast in the new year...YAY... It's going to be a HUGE move but it will totally be worth it and best of all I wont miss my blog land friends because I can touch base with you guys everyday!!

Today is Moo's last day of school and it has only just hit me that we wont be near our wonderful community and friends. We plan on visiting every couple of weeks because we need to ween ourselves off Sydney life and it's crazy city ways. We are excited to move into a big house with more space to move with our expanding family. We'll be near the water, some of my family, schools, and National Parks on our back door step. It's the perfect creative location for our family and it will do us the world of good!!

Carlos and I have been pulled in all directions emotionally and have lost focus of a few things. The only way to regain some of that focus for me was to make things from my heart.

Here is a run down of so me of things I have made so far for Christmas so far and I must say I feel much better and ready to focus...

This is for my Amanda Girl.
She is a writer and after visiting Isis' blog (She is having a giveaway too so pop past and have a little look!!) I thought a quick and easy gift for a writer would be a scribble book for ideas. So I rummaged through my scrap material and found the perfect 'Amanda' material.

I recovered a notebook and lined the inside cover with MooBear Paper. I also bought a pencil from the Woman's Fair Trade Circle and the brooch I picked up from Finders Keepers. IT SCREAMS AMANDA!! Oh and a little lion bookmark... It goes with her satchel perfectly and she hasn't stopped thanking me yet... Your So Completely Welcome.

Making a handful of girly headbands...

Special order for a recorder bag by Litsa for her son.
Using a pair of Spiderman flannel PJ's.

This was a Special order for a friend who needed a gift for another friend who drives a truck!! She was stuck for ideas and I said it was a shame she didn't know someone in the T-shirt business. WAIT...Yes you we did some brainstorming and this was the result. It pays to know people in the T-shirt business sometimes...

This next piece was made especially for Monica Trapaga one of our local celebrities. If you are in Sydney you should check out her shop. It is divine...

Over It Denim Clutch and Brooch.

There is more in the making so stay tuned you might just find the inspiration you need for a last minute gift idea...


  1. oohh LOVE the Clutch!! It is DIVINE!! And how nice to know SOMEone in the T-shirt biz!! HA! You have been a busy girl...I hope your move is a smooth one!! It is CRAZY to be doing it during the holidays, but how fabulous that your family will have more grow?? Are we thinking FOUR is a good #?? :D

  2. Congrats on making the decision to move guys. Obviously a tough one with no one right answer. It will all turn out OK because you are all in it together.

  3. You never cease to amaze me with all the lovely and varied pieces you make. So cool. And yay for a move, moves are good. Fresh starts and a time to de-clutter and clear your head space.

  4. These are wonderful!! Creative genius you are LOL