Monday, December 28, 2009

Read Russian...Can You Translate This By Any Chance?

So we are busy packing boxes and Carlos is a collectors freak and picked these up knowing that they had something to do with the Russian Space program some time ago. But we're not actually sure what they really are other than pins.

Can anyone out there translate Russian?
It would be a little bit awesome if someone out there in blog land could shed some light...

The front cover...


  1. hmmm, i've been there but can't read it, sorry! wouldn't it be good to know what they say...

  2. Hey Steph and Carlos,

    I've got Jason on the case, so here comes some info that hopefully helps, Jenn:

    Kocmoc - Space

    The cardboard box thing is the manufacturer. Bureaucratic part: The Ministry of Local Production, Division for the Development of Folk Art Produce and Souvenirs. The Mitishch factory research and souvenir department.

    Essentially they are souvenirs from the Russian (Soviet era) Space Program.

    Hopes this helps, in a typical nerd fashion (aka Jason), he's self taught...just for fun.

    Happy moving and looking forward to watching your progress from a distance.

    Jenn & co.