Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Little Star Gets Her Keepsakes!!!

You know when you have your first child (or maybe not) and you do all the first child things...

Keep their records up to date...
Save souvenirs from outings...
Write down every single milestone they hit...
Note their newest words as soon as they happen...
The list goes on and on... basically for us, by baby number 3 things aren't as easy to keep up with.

I did how ever manage to stay on top of getting all 3 chickens their hand and foot moulds done for their first birthday. This year it was Bubbles 1st birthday and after a bad experience with Bear's sculptures I sought high and low to find the perfect small company who would make our 3rd experience memorable, friendly and above all extremely positive.

I found 2 perfect people and in the end the deciding factor basically came down to how far I had to travel. If you are near Canberra I highly recommend Liz from Dimples Sculptures (site is still under construction but you can still email). Liz was so understanding of my story and although I couldn't travel to Canberra she contacted me to make sure I had found someone to do Bubble's sculptures. I honestly didn't expect any follow up from the places I contacted but Liz just went that extra step for me. Liz, there should be more kind people in this world.

Thank You so so much!!

I proudly told Liz that Sharon from Little Star Keepsakes was doing Bubble's sculptures and that I was waiting for my Mum to bring them over. So check out the photo's of how it was done!!

We decided to do Bubble's feet first and there is a small window of opportunity while the mould is still pink to get her feet in there before it sets...

This is what the mould looked like after it sets and Bubble's foot is pulled free. It's kinda like a flexible rubbery play dough. Bubble was enjoying herself for the first 3 moulds (we took 2 moulds of one foot and one hand just in case).

But for some reason she had had enough by the fourth and final mould. She had just woken up when we started so I am thinking she just woke up fully and realised that THIS wasn't what she was doing when she fell asleep. Don't you just hate it when that happens.

Look at that... I wonder what it tastes like... Yep.. I was the kid eating the play dough and not creating with it...

This is what they look like... YAY!!
I can not express how much my heart fluttered holding the frame in my hands.

Sharon you did an amazing job and looked after my memories like they were your own. I felt 110% confidence in you and our constant communication before we met was just what I needed to build that trust. Sharon it was a pleasure to take this special journey with you and I will be a repeat customer guaranteed!!

If there is anyone thinking of getting their bubs sculptures done and your in the Sydney area I highly recommend Little Star Keepsakes because you'll be in safe hands... and feet hehe...

Moo's sculptures on the left and Bear's on the right both at 1 year.

It is definitely a Mummy Moment of mine just knowing I have all three of my children's feet and hands captured forever. Having said that I have no idea what they will do with them when they have their own children... maybe I have started a new tradition??


  1. Yay, we did this with our little monkey when she was 3 weeks old. I plan on doing this for any other little monkey's we have. I get all teary eyed when I look at how tiny her little feet and hands were.


  2. awww...HOW SWEET!! You are SUCH a good momma!! :) I wish I would have done something like this!!! I did do belly casts for all three...well, the husband did!! of course, LOVING every minute of it!! HA!

  3. I'm just disappointed I didn't do it with my first. I would have loved to have the tradition. If I do it with my second the first will wonder why he wasn't special enough! They finish up looking really lovely!