Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Creative Space...

My creative space has slowed down from last week.
Mainly because 4 out of 5 family members have been sick. That's why I haven't blogged. So today is the first real day I have been able to do a little MooBear work for the markets.

I have some Bear's Rar! to complete.
Then there are some Bubble Factory's and some pink Bear's UFO's

Came across a garage sale last week and I liked this dress...except for the criss cross chest action... But we can fix that!!

That is so much better. $4 can't go wrong!! Although not sure what the pout is for??

Carlos decided to change hair products as he has a bit of length on his mohawk now. We bought a spike glue product and this stuff is fantastic!!

We even got Bubble to test it out and it withstood her tiny but persistent fingers.

So I gave it the thumbs up as we no longer have to wait for the product to dry then use the hair straightener. We just work it through in the morning then twist and hold for a few minutes. It a little bit less maintenance in the morning now!!

Because I love his Mohawk so much I started the Facebook group Carlos' Mohawk Is Out Of This World. It's just for laughs and I surprised him with it after he was telling me he was going to shave it off one morning. He is amazed that there are actually people following and leaving comments! That's the whole idea...right?? hehe

Lastly, something I whipped up a couple of weeks ago finally has a home in the MooBear studio. It now holds all my fabric scissors which NO ONE is allowed to touch!! I used all recycled materials and think it looks really swish!! SWISH??

Check out Kootoyoo for some more creativeness and some wonderful inspiration... that's where I am headed right now!!

Oh I forgot... I am heading off to Finders Keepers tomorrow night, without the children... remember last year??!! No Thank You...

I hope to soak up and enjoy A LOT of other peoples creativeness!! Woohoo...


  1. Sorry to hear about yoru sick household. That is not fun at all. But some nice refashioning work and good find with the hair product. I did laugh at the thought of you doing Moo's, then Bear's then Carlos' hair each morning.

  2. Ahhh, we've all been sick this week too and now I am so over it. Loving your space, dress and mohawk are ace.

  3. Nice mohawk, glad the new product is working out!! Cute dress, gorgeous bubba, lovely creative space xo

  4. Spike hair glue, I bet that would work a treat taming unruly eyebrows too. Hope you're all getting better now, seems to be so many horrid little bugs going around at the moment, erk.

  5. Isn't it Summer there??? That is awful about the sickness!! I've been wiping SNOT noses for about a week...and I am so OVER IT!! :) I kinda liked the criscross...but then liked it even more without it so GOOD CALL!! Have fun tonight...and I like Carlos' mohawk good "save"!! :D

  6. nice work with the dress, simple but effective change. nice mohawk carlos

  7. Hope you're all on the mend now.

  8. I quite like the criss know bit of a "bondage" look going LOL! Ok ok...keeping it G rated.....

    Yay for Carlos' mohawk LOL!!!

  9. Ha Ha! I love the facebook idea. I found you through wardrobe refashion and enjoyed your recent post.