Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MooBeary Christmas and Craft...

So we have decided to do all things handmade for Christmas and I was cutting really fine this time. To the point where I nearly sent off a petition to show Santa us crafters may need an extra week this year but I think we all got our acts together.


I bought some newborn baby socks from the Treasure Shop and miniaturised Claire's owl pattern from her wonderful Owl Kit and made a brooch... I just used denim for the wings as I ran out of felt.

I quite like the look of denim so I made 2 more..YAY. I cant wait to make Woof Woof. Lucky there are some birthdays coming up. Not that I need an excuse of course!!

This shirt was going to be a dress for me but after I reassessed things I decided it suited my brother in law. The kids and I bought a stencil kit and have been extremely creative with it. Steve likes to ride his bike so this stencil is perfect don't you think?!

Back when visited the Stitches and Craft show I bought this off Kristen Doran. I finally got around to using it and made something very special for Bear.

CurlyPops suggested I turn it into wall art on one of my posts. So I did exactly that!! Now he will have some awesome pictures to hang in his new bedroom with matching little robot softies... Thank You CurlPops for your suggestion you really are SUPERPOPS!!

Lets get some perspective!! Stencil on canvas.

Moo and I got to work on another project with our stencils and made some T-shirt pillows for her Uncles. We made them so they suit their interests as well. Something personal shows a lot of love and thought.

Moo and I really excited about these... They just might make it onto my Over It! label.

Then Moo and I got back to work on 2 denim clutches.
Moo did the stencilling while I did the sewing...

Using all recycled materials...

Bubble was adamant that the blue girl was her's and I had a hard time trying to take photos... BUT SHE IS JUST SO ADORABLE!!


Skirt detail.

Finally (for this post anyway) 3 big boy robots for Carlos and his 2 brothers... They are going to have a good laugh at just how cool they are!!

So that's it from me for now. I hope you all had fun following my craftiness and crazy family this year. Have a Very Merry Christmas and do stay safe these holidays as I want to see you all again next year in blog land!!!



  1. Merry Christmas to the whole of team Moo Bear. I've loved following along with your crafty recycled adventures this year!
    Love all those handmade pressies.

  2. What a fabulous lot of handmade pressies - You are very clever and I agree handmade rocks - I have tried to do a little bit of handmade in each gift but failed as I ran out of year though I will be more organised...I might start in January .
    Merry Christmas

  3. well i hope none of your family reads your blog or they will all know what they are getting for xmas!

    what a great collection of handmade gifts, so much work went into them, but i'm sure they'll all be treasured. lovin' the sock owls, tshirt cushions and purses.

    best wishes for the new year xx

  4. Santa said "NO!"? I NEED that extra week!! GAH! :D You are so FABULOUS...and Moo is DEFINITELY following in your creative path! You guys did an AWESOME job on all of the gifts...hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! And may the new year bring more FUN, LOVE, and craziness to you!! LOVE YOU GIRL...xo!

  5. Handmade gifts/presents are the best presents of all because they come from the heart and you can't get any more special than that.

    Merry Christmas Robles!!!!
    Love you guys so much!!!!!!