Sunday, December 13, 2009

Allie's Attic Market In Paddington...

Our 2nd Market at Paddington Town Hall for Allie's Attic has been and gone just like Hunters Hill. There is always such a big rush of last minute things.
We got there (a little late but still enough time to set up) and it's all calm and peaceful while we man our stall, chat to other stall holders and play with Bubble...

Carlos on duty...

These taggy toys were randomly created for Bubble from the scrap fabric given to us by Helen from The Wacky Wardrobe. I thought I would make a few to take along and they were quite popular.

Love they neighbour.. Craft Schmaft.
Claire and I caught up on some Bizness Babes news. As well as talking about a possible indoor pools and ribbon dancers. I also met some of the new group who are currently doing the course... well done girls!!

Aunty Chrissy from Bizness Babes also called past. She is such a blast and always has such positive energy. Moo and Bear were a little sad they didn't get to see her as we left them at home.

Just to show that I am not always behind the camera. I am actally feeding Bubble using my awesome BFC from KissKiss HugHug.
I still use it Jackie!!!

Our neighbour to the left of us was Helen from ensparkle ceramics. Carlos and I have very different tastes in things but this was one handmade product we both agreed was great quality and looked fun.

They are all hand casted and painted. Check out the Fire Truck Plate.
The design carlos and I both loved was the Dinosaur which she sold out of course.

How about a matching Mug...

I also managed to check out Bare Foot Babies and their stall. I met baby Neve and her Mum Mel. But where is Sophie? The only time I saw her at her stall was at the end of the day when it was time to finish up.

Sophie what did you do all day girl? hehe.

Allie's Attic Paddington is a wrap!!


  1. I was really, really busy ALL DAY, ok!! :-)

  2. Oh wow LOVe your hair looks fantastic that color!

    Your market looked amazing, congrast :)

  3. Great picture of you and Carlos!! Hope it was a fun success...your booth stall looked great!! LOVE taggies! xo