Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Pillow Case Refashioning...

I had a moment on the week end. Everything was a mess (and still is) but i wanted to sew something instead of cleaning and tidying. I finished my project in under an hour. Thank goodness for sleeping children.

I made Bubble a summer dress from a pillow case Amanda gave me. It was a baby pillow case and I have never used them when they came with cot sheet sets... Have you?

I am thinking of adding some extra panels in the side to make it more flowing and not so straight!!

The giraffe is from the shirt I cut up here for Moo's new top. I hand stitched ages ago not really knowing what I would use it for... It is covering up another piece of embroidery which I really didn't care much for.

Ribbon straps!! So so purrdy!!

This is the pillow case dress I made for Moo from a pillow case which answers a whole heap of Space questions!!

ps It's My Birthday Tomorrow!! YAY...


  1. In case I don't get to visit tomorrow, Happy Birthday. I hope you have a fabulous day full of cake and pressies and hugs!

  2. wow, they are both very cool, happy birthday too!

  3. LOVE THE DRESSES! I am currently turning a cot pillow case into a Xmas pressie sack! I have never used cot pillows so I like your idea alot! Hope you have a smashing birthday!

  4. I LOVE pillowcase EASY, and cute results!! I have made my share of "tubes" fun!! :( Thankfully Bubble is still able to wear this with such cute results...but you may have to switch to average sized pillowcases...but the panels sound nice too!! Nothing wrong with a little stripe action going down the sides!!