Monday, November 9, 2009

School Fete And Newtown Festival...

I have been out of blog land for a whole week... Blogfest took it out of me and to be honest we have been super busy getting stock ready for Allie's Attic. The weekend was just as busy and we really didn't get a chance to unwind from the week but it was an extremely fun filled weekend.

School Fete

These are always fun. Finally Bear was old enough to go on the rides, Moo was playing in the school band and the weather was nice enough that we could hang around.

Moo plays the Baritone Tuba and sit's at the back but I still managed to get a photo of her pocking her head around... Hi Honey!!!

Time for some rides. Moo on the Storm. She has her hands in the air. She even dragged me on with her and what a hilarious ride neither of us could stop laughing as I was holding onto her for dear life!!

Bear on the Tea Cups... He had an absolute ball and he too loved putting his arms in the air... My children are thrill seekers... YAY!!

Home Time...

Newtown Festival

The weather started out wet and humid. When we got on the train it was pouring. When we got to Newtown it was dry... It continued like this for the better half of the day but that didn't stop us from having fun!!! Newtown festival is a vibrant party with lots of people, stalls, food, dancing AND.... Music!!! What better way to spend time with the family...

The best thing I did was take the kids tent along... When it started raining all 3 kids just hopped inside...

While it's stopped raining the kids check out the hoop dancing lady. Also great advertising with our MooBear shirts hehe...

Uncle Anthony bought Moo a coin pouch and Bear a bubble machine. Another great invention too by the way. We were watching a man make massive bubbles earlier so Bear was thrilled to bits with his own bubble machine...

Base Camp... and everyone else who came along...

We also managed to time things nicely. Carlos, Bear and I raced over to another stage to hear Deep Sea Arcade perform. They have have some great sounds which you can listen to on their MySpace Page. Nick (on Bass) and Carlos (not mine, the drummer) YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

The first time Bubble kicked me I was at one of their gigs in Surry Hills listening to Crouch End!! So their music is a wee bit special to me!! Hehe...

Not something you see everyday... I also bought a bangle from this stall. It's an up-cycled silver folk with twirly prongs. Remind me to show you!!

Can you tell how tired they both are??

So there you have it. This morning Bear and Bubble decided 6am was a good time to get up. So i figured I would blog. Not sure when I will be back to blog as this week will be full on again...


  1. I have awarded you a Kreative Blogger award today. Check it out on my blog and have a happy day.

  2. Love the pictures!! The kids look like they had a BLAST!! I just glanced over on your blog list and saw Allies Attic featuring I'll check in with you later!!! Have a PRODUCTIVE week!! I hope to! xo

  3. wow, you've been busy! looks like a good and exhausting time was had by all though :D
    x isis

  4. That's a DOOZY of a post to tide us over for a while. Besides, I think you'll need a bit of a lie down after a week like that!

  5. How cool is Moo's school fete?! We never had rides like that at Homebush!!! Ahhhh signs of the times LOL! (And our age hahah!)

    The festival looked packed! Well worth going though. Damn I missed another festival : (