Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Creative Space...

My Birthday...
My Presents...
My Crafting...
My Re-Fashioning...

There is too much to blog about so I will just blog it all...

My Creative Space has been quite busy.
After making Wonk, who was a pleasure to make and finally meet, I decided to make another Lil' Monster.

This is Cyril and he belongs to Carlos. I bought the sock at the Treasure Shop as it didn't have a pair to match. Imagine what kind of a life he would have had if I didn't bring him home... Makes me sad just thinking about it!!
Welcome home Cyril. Would you believe I am also making another Toot Owl as we speak!
I am a little obsessed I think...


My Presents... so many to show you!

I received this in the mail. It's from Tina Girl all the way down in Melbourne and she just loves me to pieces. She is way too kind to me and is always surprising me!! So I have a hand made card and wrapping paper with UFO's on them. I am keeping this awesome paper and framing it!!

What awaited me was this book REMAKE it HOME... This book is printed on 100% recycled paper. Even the cover is recycled. To me running my hands along the front cover is like what a diamond is to a miner. It is just beautiful to view and to hold.

I was also given Get Creative mag from Carlos and the Kiddies... So overwhelmed with creativeness it's scary!!

One of the first pages I noticed was this one and I thought THAT is too cool. I showed Moo and she too agreed. We headed to The Powerhouse Museum and guess what we saw??!! This exact work of art!! So I was in the presence of some very inspiring creativeness!!!

Look!! Nails can be creative too!!!
Tina also sent up $20 with specific instructions.
Those are my nails, I haven't had a manicure in a year and I thought seeings as it was my birthday a little bling would be nice... Thanks Tina I feel all girly!!

This is the shirt Carlos bought me and I think it is totally me. I love the colour and it totally matches my More Than Meets The Eye Comic Book Shoes!!

It is a brand new shirt which goes against my Isis Pledge and Wardrobe Pledge but I think MooBear does it fare share of thrifting, reusing, recycling and helping out our planet to warrant my birthday present... plus Carlos bought it!!

OK... My Re-Fashioning...

Take one large, no longer used pillow case...

...and turn it into a sweet summery skirt!!

I also refashioned... well kinda... I adjusted one of Carlos' shirts and made it my size. It was on the short side for him but perfect length me moi!!

This is the bracelet Carlos bought me at Newtown Festival. Tell me it's not wicked!! I dare you!!

I wear it every day. I love it to pieces... and so do they kids. They are fascinated by it!!

So there you have it!!! For more creativeness... If you can handle more after my insanely creative post, head over to Kirsty's and make your way down the list!!!


  1. Naaaaaaaaw, what a happy, busy post - HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!

    You scored a whole lotta awesome there m'lady!

  2. Happy Belated birthday Chickadee, that is a mighty lovely booty that you scored there :) x

  3. I am SO glad you were SPOILED on your birthday!! You totally deserve it!! LOVE that bracelet..I did not notice it was a FORK until the second picture!!! That is delicious!! Hope you are still celebrating...because you are truly a blessed birthday girl!! xo

  4. Happy Birthday!!! What an insanely creative post! You have inspired me. I love your gifts. And the bracelet is very cool.

  5. Happy Birthday Steph! Oh and sorry about the sock toy thing... they are addictive, just look at what happened to me.

    Hey I luuuurve your pillow case skirt.

  6. What a busy post Steph... no surprising though that things have been go go go at MooBear HQ! So glad to hear your birthday was fun and that you were so spoilt.... just as it should be! Love the Transformers top and some nice refashioning. And there is no way I would say that bracelet is not wicked... cause it soooo is!

  7. Cyril is cool.

    nice work on the refashioning of the tshirt and the cushion cover into a skirt! i have a skirt made from curtains... soon we'll have whole wardrobes made from home furnishings :D

    x isis