Friday, November 13, 2009

My Creative Space...

Our creative space this week has been FULL ON!!

We completed all the Allie's Attic promotional items, banners, aprons and buntings including Carlos' new invention especially for Allie's Attic and it's stall holders. I can't tell you anymore about till after the markets but if you are coming along on Saturday you'll be able to see them in all their glory. Otherwise you'll have to wait till next week to see the photos.

We have also been working on our own MooBear shirts. As you know we hand make each shirt so you can imagine how massive our job is getting all the stock ready...

Sometimes when Carlos and I work really hard and long hours on a project together we get a little silly. To the point where we giggle uncontrollably at each other then collapse in a heap on the floor crying for each other to stop... don't laugh I am so serious!!

One out come from one of these episodes was "This Little Guy". We aren't really sure what he is but he came into being after Carlos picked up the pile of threads on the floor. He added a tail, I added the eyes and the button spots were an after thought. You have to admit he is a very creative Little Guy!!

The Little Guy is made up of approx. 3200 cotton threads (Carlos worked it out...hahahaha) which Carlos de threaded from his invention in the wee hours of the morning...

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  1. It must be lovely to have fun with your hubby while you're creating!

  2. Careful, these little guys breed like crazy! I'm sure I've got one scuttering around under my sewing table as we speak....

  3. Good luck for tomorrow's market, I'm sure you'll sell heaps your work is ace. Loving that little guy, especially loving the fact that he is the outcome of hilarious laughter.

  4. Steph, when is your creative space NOT full on..???!!!!

    Now while he is cute and all, maybe there should be a rule that when you start creating "Little Guys" from threads, it's time for bed!

    Have a great day at the market.

  5. Hope your market went well!! Can't wait to see Carlos's must be AWESOME to have 3200 cotton threads picked out of it and STILL be usable!! HA!! Ya'll are so silly, and so blessed to have "found" each other because you are PERFECT together!! xo