Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mum e Assistant

I was visited by another Bizness Babe a couple of weeks ago and I really should share her fantastic new product I took photo's of.

Leigh from Mum e Assistant has come up with a fun, funky and child friendly Meal Planner which makes life super dooper easy... which is exactly what her business is all about. Helping busy woman find the time they need for themselves and their family!!

The planner is:
Magnetised to fit on all fridges
Family friendly
Easy to use
Wipe clean

Meals are colour coded into meat categories and meal types.
You can plan in advance for a few days or a whole month... no more "what's for dinner Mum?" or in our house it's Dad...

I had a great time taking these photos and some of the colours gave me a few new combination ideas for projects...


  1. Given the meal plan is one of THE MOST BORING JOBS OF THE ENTIRE WEEK, I say a big hurrah in Leigh's direction. Good thinking, Batgirl.

  2. Planning who said planning....looks like I may need some help in that departement;)))