Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Brains Behind The Bunting...

As promised here is the story behind one of the best inventions this century. Be warned it's photo heavy. Allie needed a bunting made by Team MooBear. The requirement that it be reusable as well as interchangeable. Carlos and I put our thinking caps on and came up with the first ever...

...Interchangeable Logo Bunting...

Here is how it came into creation.
We were given 50 logos to use on the bunting. We had to create 5 separate buntings to hold 10 flags each.

Carlos is officially in charge of the iron on transfer part of this project. Each logo was printed onto transfer paper then cut out, arranged then ironed for approx. 2min each logo. Remember there are 50 logos. Each one of these was cut then arranged on the colour backing which best suited the brands logo.

Yes I know the photo looks up side down but I was standing on the stairs to get it all in. I arranged and rearranged 50 logos onto squares of fabric which I cut out.

I then cut and sewed on 400 1cm x 1cm velcro squares onto the vinyl backing for the logos as well as onto the denim backing flags. Each logo was then sewn onto the vinyl and assigned a velcro square backing.

Each of the 150 squares was de threaded by Carlos to create 'This Little Guy'.

Carlos and I then lined up and pinned the squares to webbing then sewed them all together.
This is what they all look like on our lounge room floor.

Just another angle to get them all in...hehe.

We also made a sixth bunting from the cut out letters from B1.

Once again our stairs come in useful.

Carlos and I had a few comments like...
I never want to see another... velcro square, denim square, logo, iron, webbing, pin and piece of vinyl to name a few but in the end the result far out weighted those feelings.

We had a fantastic response from the other stall holders at the market who just loved them to pieces... Thanks to everyone who came past the MooBear stall and told us so!!

These are the finished product photo's we took for our portfolio. We managed to source some great materials from the local op shop as well as reusing what would have gone to waste from the vinyl backing of the other 2 banners. Denim is a great material to work with as it is sturdy but soft enough to machine sew.

With the logo attached.

Without the logo attached.

Back of denim flag.

Back of the logo which was backed onto vinyl.

Webbing holding all the logos together.

The loops on the ends of the buntings.

Finally you can see the Interchangeable Logo Buntings in action...

Plus the sixth Allie's Attic bunting.


  1. Now that's what I call dedication! You two make me tired reading about your crafting adventures. Where does all that stamina come from?

  2. How awesome are the Buntings!!! Well done Steph and Carlos they look just amazing. Do you know how many hours they took to do? Fab end result.

    I am totally in awe of the amount of time, effort and passion that goes into MooBear and it just so shows in everything that you do!

    Hope to catch up with you soon Steph.
    Korrine -xxx-

  3. WOW!!! I am speechless when I think of all of the time and WORK that went into these!! I am blown away by your sheer talent...and I am impressed as all get out that you and Carlos came up with this AWESOMENESS!!! Congratulations on a JOB well done!! You guys are the bunting GODS!!!