Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Allie's Attic Markets In Hunters Hill...

Well Allie's Attic Markets at Hunters Hill has been and gone. We had a hectic 2 weeks leading up to the day and are enjoying our new found time. Carlos and I actually played Xbox together and I have been doing some reading. We have also been spending A LOT of time with all three children...

So naturally we have to share photos of the fantastic day we had at our first ever markets!!

Greeting us upon arrival was B1... We shed a little tear when we were reunited with her...

We set up shop and were very impressed with our efforts. We had the perfect spot which was shady all day and there was enough room behind us for Bubble to play.

Each design in each colour was available and on display...

The rest of our stock was folded nice and neat in the suitcases Moo and I picked up...
We needed a photo of Moo and Bear as they weren't there and in all fairness they are the head designers.

Happy Scrappy Brooches. The lady beetle brooch I gave to Lisa from Snugglebug for her love of lady beetles. She has also added it to her competition as an entry on her Facebook page. So if you have little one who can make or draw a lady beetle you could win a Snugglebug and a Justine Clarke-Songs to make you smile DVD.

Bubble and Carlos wearing Moo's Galoomph which I whipped up for him the night before.

I decided it would be funny to wear Moo's Flowers so I matched Bubble. I know it was a really cheesy decision but everyone loved it and noticed... which is what you want!! The bonus was that if Bubble or I got lost people knew where we belonged!!

Claire from Craft Schmarft was there too. It was nice knowing that there was at least one person there I knew other than my husband...

Our next door neighbour was Dianne from Blossdolls.

Bubble hanging out in the handmade toy corner behind the Moobear table. She of course is wearing her Moo's Flowers T-shirt to match me.

I had a visitor who I just had to photograph...

There were so many friendly people and such amazing handmade products. So if you're not busy on 12th Dec you should come down to Paddington Town Hall 247 Oxford Street, Sydney.
Tomorrow I will share with you Carlos' Bunting invention!!
You don't want to miss it!!


  1. Congratulations! It all looks so fantastic, and lots of fun.

  2. Great to hear the market went well Steph. The photos tell a great story....

  3. wow! your stall looks perfect stephanie. nice work! i hope you did well and there was a good turn out for the market
    x isis

  4. Oh wow your Stall looks fantastic! So so happy to hear it all went so well! Thant banner looks fantastic!

  5. Ya'll did an AMAZING set up!! You looked very prepared and I love all of your banners!! You should be very proud of all of your efforts...the next market should be a BREEZE!!