Monday, November 2, 2009

Agoo Bamboo Leg Huggers and MooBear Giveaway.

How excited are we to team up with Agoo Australia and have a MooBear giveaway!! Anyone who sends in photo of their little ones wearing Agoo or Leg Huggers to the Agoo team could win a MooBear Designs Bodysuit of their choice.

Imagine letting your children play outside without worrying about harmful UV Rays!! It seems to good to be true but you must check it out. Anything which makes sunscreen application minimal is a must see.

I am excited as I get to choose the winner. The catch is I can't choose my own Bubble... hehe. I am looking forward to seeing all the little chickens in their Agoo UV protective clothing and Leg Huggers...

You can find out more on the Agoo Australia Facebook Page.

If you have never seen Leg Huggers before these are the ones to know. They are Eco-friendly and made from sustainable bamboo. They also feature other wonderful qualities including wick away, stain resistant, anti bacterial and UV protective. Oh and they are biodegradable... how totally MooBear is that??!! I think I am going to work on an award for Agoo just for being so in touch with mother nature!!

These 2 designs are for Bubble to model her MooBear Designs gear in. They complement Moo's Flowers design in the baby body suit. They also look lovely with Bubble's Rar!

I honestly wasn't expecting bamboo to be so completely soft. Trust me when I say it is super soft and super warm.

Bubble would blend into our garden nicely in her Butterfly Garden... Thats' if we had one. We're working on it!!

Can't go wrong with Peony Pink.

The best thing about these is it's one size fits all and she can wear them on her arms too!! I can see them under a handmade tutu... can't you??!!

Some of my other favourite designs are Leopard Pink and Puzzle Fun.


  1. What a MooVILOUS idea!!! Off to check out the leg thingys now.