Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Creative Space...

My Birthday...
My Presents...
My Crafting...
My Re-Fashioning...

There is too much to blog about so I will just blog it all...

My Creative Space has been quite busy.
After making Wonk, who was a pleasure to make and finally meet, I decided to make another Lil' Monster.

This is Cyril and he belongs to Carlos. I bought the sock at the Treasure Shop as it didn't have a pair to match. Imagine what kind of a life he would have had if I didn't bring him home... Makes me sad just thinking about it!!
Welcome home Cyril. Would you believe I am also making another Toot Owl as we speak!
I am a little obsessed I think...


My Presents... so many to show you!

I received this in the mail. It's from Tina Girl all the way down in Melbourne and she just loves me to pieces. She is way too kind to me and is always surprising me!! So I have a hand made card and wrapping paper with UFO's on them. I am keeping this awesome paper and framing it!!

What awaited me was this book REMAKE it HOME... This book is printed on 100% recycled paper. Even the cover is recycled. To me running my hands along the front cover is like what a diamond is to a miner. It is just beautiful to view and to hold.

I was also given Get Creative mag from Carlos and the Kiddies... So overwhelmed with creativeness it's scary!!

One of the first pages I noticed was this one and I thought THAT is too cool. I showed Moo and she too agreed. We headed to The Powerhouse Museum and guess what we saw??!! This exact work of art!! So I was in the presence of some very inspiring creativeness!!!

Look!! Nails can be creative too!!!
Tina also sent up $20 with specific instructions.
Those are my nails, I haven't had a manicure in a year and I thought seeings as it was my birthday a little bling would be nice... Thanks Tina I feel all girly!!

This is the shirt Carlos bought me and I think it is totally me. I love the colour and it totally matches my More Than Meets The Eye Comic Book Shoes!!

It is a brand new shirt which goes against my Isis Pledge and Wardrobe Pledge but I think MooBear does it fare share of thrifting, reusing, recycling and helping out our planet to warrant my birthday present... plus Carlos bought it!!

OK... My Re-Fashioning...

Take one large, no longer used pillow case...

...and turn it into a sweet summery skirt!!

I also refashioned... well kinda... I adjusted one of Carlos' shirts and made it my size. It was on the short side for him but perfect length me moi!!

This is the bracelet Carlos bought me at Newtown Festival. Tell me it's not wicked!! I dare you!!

I wear it every day. I love it to pieces... and so do they kids. They are fascinated by it!!

So there you have it!!! For more creativeness... If you can handle more after my insanely creative post, head over to Kirsty's and make your way down the list!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Pillow Case Refashioning...

I had a moment on the week end. Everything was a mess (and still is) but i wanted to sew something instead of cleaning and tidying. I finished my project in under an hour. Thank goodness for sleeping children.

I made Bubble a summer dress from a pillow case Amanda gave me. It was a baby pillow case and I have never used them when they came with cot sheet sets... Have you?

I am thinking of adding some extra panels in the side to make it more flowing and not so straight!!

The giraffe is from the shirt I cut up here for Moo's new top. I hand stitched ages ago not really knowing what I would use it for... It is covering up another piece of embroidery which I really didn't care much for.

Ribbon straps!! So so purrdy!!

This is the pillow case dress I made for Moo from a pillow case which answers a whole heap of Space questions!!

ps It's My Birthday Tomorrow!! YAY...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet Wonk...

Today I sat down and made a new handmade softie from the Toot Owl Pattern Kit I bought from Claire at the Stitches and Craft Show way back when.

We named him Wonk because he has a wonkie eye...hehe

Bubble has taken ownership of Wonk who is joining the ever expanding collection of handmade toys in our home...

(cuddle in Spanish)

(kiss is Spanish)

Friday, November 20, 2009

MooBear Fan...

Look what arrived in my inbox last week!!
A MooBear Fan Photo.

This is Emily in Moo's Flowers.
She and her Mum also came along to Allie's Attic last week and said hi to Team MooBear.
How nice is that??

There are more fan photo's on our Facebook Page. I'll be adding Emily to them soon!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


We are having a spring clean here at MooBear and decided to have a sale, just in time for Christmas. You can head over to our SHOP and grab a bargain but be quick as it is only for a limited time. I know I need to get a few (a lot) more presents this Christmas so I am on the look out for wonderful handmade goodies...

My Creative Space...

My Creative Space is nice and calming and relaxing.

No more banners. No more buntings.

I can't remember the last time I sat down and read a book. Yesterday I finished reading Kingdom Of The Golden Dragon by Isabel Allende which follows on from City of the Beasts. Both these books took me on a journey I never expected. The funny thing is that I bought both these books for Carlos to read back in 2004 but instead I ended up reading them. Now I am on the hunt for more of her books.

I have also started reading some of the short stories in Festive Fear. My wonderful friend Amanda is one of the contributing authors which is very exciting. I read her story 'A Creature Was Stirring' and I now have a new found fear. It is filled with horror stories based on an Australian Christmas.

These short stories are not Paul Kennings kinda stories. These totally freak you out and have your heart racing to keep up with what's going on. I am hoping to read some more tonight and have been told of 2 great scary reads within the pages of Festive Fear... We are so lucky to have other creatives around us. It is truly a wonderful thing to be creative.

Carlos also suggested I read One Hundred Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez seeings as I enjoyed the last 2 books so I am looking forward to reading another story which will take me on another exciting journey.

What's the glass jar for? No idea!! I am thinking buttons or beads.

The giant Ecuador mug is for my afternoon coffee. Carlos' Dad bought it back from Ecuador a few months back along with all sorts of other goodies!! I can't wait to visit Carlos' side of the family... They have only seen the kids and I in photos and I managed to have a chat with one of our cousins on Facebook which only made my heart melt and want to fly over there right away... Fingers crossed the universe wants us over there too!!!

For more Creative Spaces head over and see Kirsty's list of wonders.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Brains Behind The Bunting...

As promised here is the story behind one of the best inventions this century. Be warned it's photo heavy. Allie needed a bunting made by Team MooBear. The requirement that it be reusable as well as interchangeable. Carlos and I put our thinking caps on and came up with the first ever...

...Interchangeable Logo Bunting...

Here is how it came into creation.
We were given 50 logos to use on the bunting. We had to create 5 separate buntings to hold 10 flags each.

Carlos is officially in charge of the iron on transfer part of this project. Each logo was printed onto transfer paper then cut out, arranged then ironed for approx. 2min each logo. Remember there are 50 logos. Each one of these was cut then arranged on the colour backing which best suited the brands logo.

Yes I know the photo looks up side down but I was standing on the stairs to get it all in. I arranged and rearranged 50 logos onto squares of fabric which I cut out.

I then cut and sewed on 400 1cm x 1cm velcro squares onto the vinyl backing for the logos as well as onto the denim backing flags. Each logo was then sewn onto the vinyl and assigned a velcro square backing.

Each of the 150 squares was de threaded by Carlos to create 'This Little Guy'.

Carlos and I then lined up and pinned the squares to webbing then sewed them all together.
This is what they all look like on our lounge room floor.

Just another angle to get them all in...hehe.

We also made a sixth bunting from the cut out letters from B1.

Once again our stairs come in useful.

Carlos and I had a few comments like...
I never want to see another... velcro square, denim square, logo, iron, webbing, pin and piece of vinyl to name a few but in the end the result far out weighted those feelings.

We had a fantastic response from the other stall holders at the market who just loved them to pieces... Thanks to everyone who came past the MooBear stall and told us so!!

These are the finished product photo's we took for our portfolio. We managed to source some great materials from the local op shop as well as reusing what would have gone to waste from the vinyl backing of the other 2 banners. Denim is a great material to work with as it is sturdy but soft enough to machine sew.

With the logo attached.

Without the logo attached.

Back of denim flag.

Back of the logo which was backed onto vinyl.

Webbing holding all the logos together.

The loops on the ends of the buntings.

Finally you can see the Interchangeable Logo Buntings in action...

Plus the sixth Allie's Attic bunting.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Allie's Attic Markets In Hunters Hill...

Well Allie's Attic Markets at Hunters Hill has been and gone. We had a hectic 2 weeks leading up to the day and are enjoying our new found time. Carlos and I actually played Xbox together and I have been doing some reading. We have also been spending A LOT of time with all three children...

So naturally we have to share photos of the fantastic day we had at our first ever markets!!

Greeting us upon arrival was B1... We shed a little tear when we were reunited with her...

We set up shop and were very impressed with our efforts. We had the perfect spot which was shady all day and there was enough room behind us for Bubble to play.

Each design in each colour was available and on display...

The rest of our stock was folded nice and neat in the suitcases Moo and I picked up...
We needed a photo of Moo and Bear as they weren't there and in all fairness they are the head designers.

Happy Scrappy Brooches. The lady beetle brooch I gave to Lisa from Snugglebug for her love of lady beetles. She has also added it to her competition as an entry on her Facebook page. So if you have little one who can make or draw a lady beetle you could win a Snugglebug and a Justine Clarke-Songs to make you smile DVD.

Bubble and Carlos wearing Moo's Galoomph which I whipped up for him the night before.

I decided it would be funny to wear Moo's Flowers so I matched Bubble. I know it was a really cheesy decision but everyone loved it and noticed... which is what you want!! The bonus was that if Bubble or I got lost people knew where we belonged!!

Claire from Craft Schmarft was there too. It was nice knowing that there was at least one person there I knew other than my husband...

Our next door neighbour was Dianne from Blossdolls.

Bubble hanging out in the handmade toy corner behind the Moobear table. She of course is wearing her Moo's Flowers T-shirt to match me.

I had a visitor who I just had to photograph...

There were so many friendly people and such amazing handmade products. So if you're not busy on 12th Dec you should come down to Paddington Town Hall 247 Oxford Street, Sydney.
Tomorrow I will share with you Carlos' Bunting invention!!
You don't want to miss it!!