Sunday, October 18, 2009

Three New Denim Clutches...

I have to start by saying a big Thank You to everyone who calls past my blog and leaves a comment. Your comments about my projects are just heart melting and it makes me feel like I am doing the right thing. I love re-using things and fabric is a big one of those.

One of my local friends saw my blog post about our GIVEAWAY and loved the denim clutch so much she asked me to make her one. Lucky for her I just had enough fabric left over from making the last clutch to make it. The pattern is my own too...YAY!

When ever I make one I tend to make two. I mean one extra isn't going to take up any more time.

Pink fabric button from the treasure shop does the trick.

Fabric samples awaiting their very own transformation.

My friend wanted a little pocket on the inside so I added one per her request. I also made her a Up-cycled business card brooch because she deserves it and she loves to colour coordinate her outfits.

And a little one for Moo...


  1. Those are super uber cute!!! love them! You so rock all your projects!

  2. Omgosh I love the fact this is your own pattern! YAY I love them, you are on fire! The denim inside is awesome, much sturdier, your friend is lucky she gets the extra's! YAY

  3. These look great!! I can't wait to see your other website selling all these little extra! Very cool

  4. I really like these sylish and you!! Moo's is so cute!! Awesome job!