Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The SuperPops Challenge...

Have you heard of The SuperPops Challenge yet?

Well Moo and I decided this was right down our lane of creativeness and used the time when both Bear and Bubble were asleep to see what we could come up with together!!

Introducing... SUPERPOPS!!

I picked up these cardboard dolls from the treasure shop a while back for Moo to play with and make clothes for. She pulls them out every so often and makes them clothes from the scraps I have. This challenge involved a recycled yellow T-shirt, red glitter ( I really don't like glitter but I made an exception this time round) and 2 bottle cap buttons.

This is what we began with... Sorry SuperPops but you had to bear all for a moment.
We made her an inter changeable outfit so check out her range of different style options.

Style 1.

Style 2.

Style 3.

Style 4.

Our thinking was we wanted SuperPops to be able to change her outfit to suit her mood... and why have just one when you can have 4 styles to choose from...

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  1. Glittery SuperPops Rocks!
    I love the interchangeable outfits and I can't resist a bit of sparkle - I don't even mind that I had to flash my undies on the www!

  2. She is brilliant! Great job.

  3. Love them !
    We have a set of these dolls at home ...they were the Project Runway dolls from Spotlight...and yep, they provide hours of entertainment!