Saturday, October 17, 2009

Orange Much?

I am not an orange person but I bought this Batman and Robin T-shirt from the treasure shop and thought with my new hair I could pull it off.

Moo took the photo and little did I realise that I matched my mug to my shirt too...

I changed my purple and green hair to orange and blue.

I also added one of Bubble's felt hair clips hehe and I totally rocked out in the colour orange pulling the fabulous new discovered colour off!!
It's nice to try something that isn't really you... I was pleasantly surprised and will be adding a few more orange things to my wardrobe.
What colour would you never think of wearing?? I dare you too try it!!


  1. :D You're super cute!! Rock that orange!

  2. I love a bit of orange and it really suits you!

  3. I love the orange on you. I love the orange and blue in the hair too :)

  4. Don't think it matters what colour you wear Miss S your always rockin!! xx