Friday, October 23, 2009

My Creative Space - Allie's Attic Banner... Progress...

The best time to paint in the MooBear house is when EVERYONE is asleep. So Wednesday, Carlos traced the lettering out during the day then that night when all the children were asleep, I stayed up and hand painted...

Handmade heaven from birth and beyond.

I haven't painted in so so long and it felt so peaceful and natural to paint again even if only letters. With half my brain occupied with the painting the other half swirled peacefully with random thoughts which I can't even recall. Just me and the brush..

Thursday morning we went back to it. Bear was a fantastic help and now know's how to spell Allie's Attic... hehe

We always have an empty box on hand to play in, on , with , around. Anything that keeps Bear busy we keep close by.

Bear had his tape measure to help Carlos get the exact measurement right. Apparently the banner is $20 long. How hilarious is Bear!!??

Jump back on the couch and take an aerial shot. Nothing sewn down yet...but getting oh so close!!

Carlos working on the interchangeable date panels (say that 5 times fast).


I went back to hand painting the time and date and forgot to dry my brush properly. This was our first "little" mishap but easily fixed.

Time and dates all completed!

So we have come a long way since I started to unpick the original blind! Today the banner is leaving our house and being hung over at Hunter's Hill. So be ready for our farewell photo's of when this master piece leaves our creative hands.

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  1. It looks so good!! You are so quick!! Bear is hilarious...he must be a ride to live with :D

  2. The banner looks amazing Steph. They made a good choice putting the MooBear team on the job. I love that everyone is involved.