Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ethical Clothing Pledge...

We have taken Isis' Ethical Clothing Pledge too.

I called past Nikki's blog only to discover she had taken the Ethical Clothing Pledge so I followed the blog trail through the world wide web and discovered Gina had taken the pledge as well. These two girls have helped me in the blogging world. I admire what they have achieved plus I have learnt a lot from them both... Thanks Girls.

This pledge is totally MooBear all the way!!

So Team MooBear pledges to only wear clothing that is one or more of the following:

1. Pre-loved
2. Handmade (preferably by us)
3. Reconstructed
4. Made with ethical / environmentally friendly materials
5. Made by a company with strong ethical policy & workers' rights

This has been my personal goal and now it flows over into MooBear Designs and soon to be new funky refashion label Over It...

I want to thank Isis' for taking her personal pledge and letting us join in. It's refreshing to find new people who value a lot of the same things as us. We are all capable of making a difference no matter how small.

So while I am here I thought I would share with you my new outfit. I am not a hat person but when I saw this grey one in the op shop it was screaming at me like a blank canvas in a craft store... plus it hides my roots.

Dress $7 from our local Vinnies (aka The Treasure Shop)
White Tee is my work top.
Hat $4 from Treasure Shop.
Crochet accessories arrived today from Boutique Creations.

Kylie is another Bizbabe graduate and needed some photo's taken of her products. Of course I am totally available for helping bizbabes... no matter how big or small... and no matter how busy I am.


  1. Oh wow Thank-you soo much Stephanie, they look fantastic!

  2. welcome aboard Steph! love the outfit
    x isis

  3. Love the outfit, well done. Thanks for participating in my blog give away. Good luck!

  4. LURV the outfit!!! I am thinking about starting a Muddy Feet pledge..... hmmmm.

  5. Good on you for taking the pledge Steph. Like you guys, we were sort of doing it anyway but to actually deliberately think about it and articulate it is great. I am excited but feel challenged in some aspects - underwear and running shoes, items that I have favourites and would be hard to "negotiate".

    Love your dress and hat.. and what you did to it. More MooBear gorgeousness!

  6. You are always and inspiration! I look up to you for all you do!! :) Awesome picture love the outfit!!