Monday, October 12, 2009

Enviro Central Turtle Tee Winner!!

Remember we had our Enviro Central Turtle T-shirt made by MooBear Designs to giveaway?
If not have a quick look HERE...

We had some great feedback and extremely useful and environmentally friendly ideas that not even the MooBear Team had thought of... so really we feel like winners!!

So without further ado... (insert drum roll here) we would like to congratulate...

PETA of Pippiwillow.
Your Turtle Tee will be sent to you shorty.

I thought I would include just a handful of some of the ways people are helping out the planet and being more sustainable. It was encouraging to hear what people were doing and made us feel we could still do more. So hopefully you feel the same way...

Worm farming

Cloth nappies

Recycled crafts

Veggie gardens

Repurpose clothing

Pack lunches

Water tanks

Solar panelling

Chook farm

The list goes on and on. I want to thank everyone for their entries and for making this a rewarding experience for all.

Have you entered our Up-cycled GIVEAWAY yet? If not head over HERE!!

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