Friday, October 2, 2009


Blog land has so many people who are crafty and creative and I often find wonderful blogs during My Creative Space. One blog I did find and was blown away by was Waffling Along.

I saw this entry by Tara and just fell in love. Her sketch is so fresh and innocent like her subjects. I called back this week and saw her sketch transform into a beautiful colourful piece here. The red is perfect and offsets the big grey whale. Maybe It's the kid inside me which has connected with her works?

So she got me thinking about 2 drawings I did of Carlos and Bear I did one night while Carlos was getting dinner ready and I was entertaining the kids. This was nearly 2 years ago by the way. The piece of paper has been kicking around our house for that long haha. My drawings are nothing like her works at all as I don't draw but I do think I covered the subject matter quiet nicely.

Carlos... My husband. I could defiantly improve my technique but given I only had a black crayon. Either way the kids love it and that's the main thing.

Some reference incase you don't know what he looks like. This was taken this time last year on his birthday... Just after he shaved hi mohawk off...

Bear... My Son when he was 2years old. When he was younger he had the curliest hair I have ever seen and that is what I was trying to capture. Bear thought his drawn nose was a car and kept asking why I drew a car. I never realised my noses looked like cars till he pointed it out.

Some reference material and I have to tell you I was hard to choose a picture from all the digital photos so I just did it randomly!!

So there you go. I can't really draw but I thought I should share what I can draw anyway. I might have to do some more doodles during dinner I think.


  1. Awww shucks Steph, thanks so much and you know what, I think your sketches are totally cool and do indeed accurately portray your subject matter (and there's nothing wrong with a car nose in my books). I hope you do keep doodling, 'cause your doodles rock.

    Tara x

  2. Accomplished Portrait Artist? Maybe not (yet), but Aussie is did capture their spirit, and they are really good sketches!! Keep it up...and try some on canvas with paints, I think you would do an awesome job with an Abstract technique and "shading"!! Did I just sound like I knew what I was talking about??? Scary!! :D