Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clocktober... What's the time?

I have never been able to fully understand how the clocks work for daylight savings.
I always rely on others to know what to do. I wonder if anyone else out there has the same problem. It sounds easy.
Just put your clocks forward...

This is my watch which I often wear. Carlos picked up the face from the treasure shop for $2.
It is engraved on the back with 'love Mum and Dad 1922'. The back opens up and you can see all the working pieces on the inside. Obviously it doesn't take batteries which is great for the planet. Every little bit helps. I decided to sew it onto a scrap piece of denim from a size 3 pair of Moo's jeans.

Then attached a hook which wouldn't hurt me or fall off.
I love my watch and love imagining the lucky girl who received a gift from her Mum and Dad...

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  1. Oh wow that is such a kool watch!

    Thanks for stopping by my Blog, I think lately I have been going a bit of track on my Blog so I think it was time :)

  2. AWESOME!!! I wore a jean cuff bracelet all thoughout my 10th grade year!! Love it!!

  3. What a fantastic idea - love it. Sorry there's been a lack of commenting lately, I had an internet free weekend. Horrifying, I know.

  4. Unreal. i bet the girl it used to belongto is smiling :-)