Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bubble's New Snuggle Toy...

Since our work load has picked up Carlos and I decided we had to change Bubble's night time routine. We were going to change it a couple of months ago but I was having separation issues. I am serious. I like having her with me and Carlos told me I needed to let go but I couldn't. I even got cranky at him. But he was right and I knew that. I just had to adjust to the idea. Also Bear and Moo sleep in the room next to us and I didn't want Bubble crying and disturbing their sleep.

But It was time!!

Usually we put Moo and Bear to bed at the same time and we, for the past year would just take Bubble with us down stairs and she would either feed to sleep ( I know, I know... bad Mum!!) or she would get comfy (eventually) and fall asleep. When WE were ready we would take her upstairs to the cot. More often than not she would wake up.
Carlos and I have never watched a movie right through. Nor have we slept a full nights sleep (I am not complaining though such is the life of our and most families)


Bubble took to the new routine like a duck to water. She was a big grumpy bum to begin with but has adjusted within a few days to the routine. She no longer comes down stairs with us at night. She self settles and she doesn't disturb Moo or Bear while they are asleep. Carlos and I have watched our first movie together all the way through with no children on the couch.


I feed her in the rocking chair in our room. Then I lay her in the cot with her new snuggle toy who we have named Monstruo (Spanish for Monster).

Bear likes to call him Monto. I am not sure why...

I made him back in June using the pattern on Claire's Blog. You'll find it on her side bar.

Monstruo is extremely special as I still have my snuggle toy from when I was a baby. Moo still has her's and Bear's is hiding under his bed. I just love that it is a handmade toy and even better the pattern is from an inspirational friend who means more to me than she probably realises. Claire you know you rock but I am telling you again!!!

Claire has an Etsy Store with her sock creation patterns... I'm not talking about your regular sock monkeys either... or you can visit her new online store Craft Schmaft. She will also be at the up and coming Allie's Attic Markets.

Have you heard of Allie's Attic yet?? Hehe


  1. Aww Steph, that is the most beautiful post, thank you so much. I feel so honoured that bubble's snuggle toy is from one of my patterns. To be able to make something that bubbas love is the whole reason I got into this craftyness. You've made my year! Can't wait to see you a bbabes and Allies, big love. c.

  2. It's so hard the night time routine. I was a bit like you, always feed to sleep then they always slept with me because I never wanted to hear them cry or feel alone. I realised that they actually need some away from mum time and they sleep better alone too. Being a mother can be so tricky!! I am so glad bubbles is doing well and has a nice cuddly too.

  3. Allie's Attic??? WHAT'S that???!!! :) This story NEEDS to inspire me...our 3 yo is still in the bed with us and NOW her little bro is wanting to "join" us!! What to do!! Maybe I'll make some snuggles....SOON!! :)

  4. Acknowledging that what we are doing, even when full of love, is sometimes not the best thing can be hard Steph. Well done to you.