Thursday, October 1, 2009


I must be crazy!! I am joining in the Blogtoberfest at the last minute. It's been organised by TinnieGirl and Curlypops is lending a much needed hand. I decided during dinner preparations that it would be fun and better still a great way to see what other bloggers are doing. I would love to contribute towards a giveaway but I will wait till tomorrow to decide what I am actually doing rather than during the routine time of putting our 3 children to bed... hmm yes I think so!!

On a funny note... Bubble decided to pookie on the floor then rub her feet in it. This would have been Okay but she was wearing her soft leather shoes. My question is how do I get the horrible pookie smell out of her shoes?

So today she was lucky enough to wear her brand spanking new havaianas which I picked up from the treasure shop for $2 yep that's right!! Bubble can walk in them completely fine without any hassle at all. They only come off when she throws a hissy fit.

I have probably forgotten to mention something about the Blogtoberfest but I am sure someone will leave a comment telling me so... Thank you in advance...hehe


  1. Thanks for joining in. Very happy to have you along.

  2. Those teeny tiny Havaianas are sooo cute, she would fit right in at Casa del Waffler :) Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment and I'm so glad you've dusted off your drawing. I'm a very happy bunny if my bits and pieces can inspire someone else to join in the fun :)

  3. Oh lucky you findign $2 havvies! I was looking at them retail the other day for my little Punk but they were $27!!!
    Happy Blogtoberfest! :D

  4. Me again! ;)

    Thank you SO MUCH for the offer & for stopping by my blog - but those cute little toes look smaller than the ones I have here - Le Punk is a size 6 already... she's a giant little person!!

  5. Is anything sweeter than baby feet?? Look at them cutie toes!! heehee!

  6. You always find the best bargains!!!